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NEW: Leica Q - Full Frame Compact with Leica M Feeling

Leica Q - Your Opinion  

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  1. 1. Is the Leica Q interesting for you?

    • I want one - where can I pre-order?
    • I'm interested, but I'll wait for tests
    • Interesting, but I want a 35mm or 50mm lens
    • Leica Q with interchangeable lenses please
    • Great supplement for my Leica M
    • Interesting but too expensive
    • Nothing for me...

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Solitude   Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!

I bought the Q a week ago.  Have had a love/hate relationship with my  M9 for four years, including problems with the M9 sensor and thought I would not buy another Leica.  But the Leica Q has everything I every wished I had in the M9.  It is stunning.  Full manual of course but great auto when I want quick street pix.  And I mean quick, focus is almost instant, exposure mostly spot on and the EVF is amazingly good.  Electronic sensor is quiet. I could go on and on.   I cannot fault it.  Will sel

Leica has introduced the Leica Q a full-frame compact camera with Summilux 28mm lens.   We have all information and product images in our blog and a first review of the Leica Q.   The specs at a glance: Full format 24 MP CMOS Sensor 28mm f1.7 Summilux lens Digital zoom option for 35 or 50 mm 3.68 MP EVF with digital frame selector Contrast autofocus Manual focussing with magnifier or focus peaking 1/16,000 electronic shutter max. ISO 50,000 Continuous shooting with up to 10 fps

Posted Images

Just as a side-note to this, only today Leica replaced my M-A – the most electronic free camera that you can buy – because of an intermittent light leak problem that first showed up back in January and which was becoming less infrequent. Seems that nothing is forever, whether it contains electronic tat or not.


How is that relevant to this thread?


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An attractive camera indeed.  Very tempting, but I'd be overwhelmingly tempted if Leica offered a version which took interchangeable M lenses.  Then the Q would present a real challenge to the Sony A7 range. 

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A VERY interesting camera from Leica.  I loved my D-Lux 4 when I first shot with a Leica (okay it was a rebrand, but let's not quibble now).  I loved auto focus when I had it and now you can manual focus as well with the Q?  Nice.  And it's a FULL FRAME.  Bonus!  Massive pixels count versus my little old D-Lux AND it focuses faster!  As much as I loved that little D-Lux, it had a bit of a lag when you snapped a shot.  You get used to it, but still....(had to unlearn that lag when I went all manual with the M3).  It's a bit out of my price range but hmmm.....very tempting.  It's actually hard for me to decide, really whether to go Monchrom or Q.  Either way, bravo Leica!

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

If Leica doesn't hurry up and come out with a small full frame camera with interchangeable lenses, I am going to have to break down and get the Sony A7 with the Zeiss zoom.  The small Leica fixed lens (X2) has been nice back up for travel but not versatile enough and the Sony with a Zeiss zoom plus the capability for fitting my Leica Lens becomes increasingly appealing.

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I posted elsewhere that the Q is 130mm (W) x 80mm (H) x 93mm (L) whilst an M240 with 28 Summicron fitted is 139mm (W) x 80mm(H) x 80mm (L).

Weight(with batteries) is 665 and 908gm respectively.  Ther Q is not really a compact compared to the M240 but is lighter.


I am a little disappointed as I was hoping it would be a bit more ''compact''.


Weight, AF, and high ISO performance advantages (?) are a different issue.


Will need to get hands on before committing.

Edited by MarkP
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Oh, I really like this one. Will most likely get it at some point. The 28mm isn't an issue at all as this would be used as a backup or fun camera.. Well a smaller and lighter backup camera.

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I have used the Sony RX1R for quite a while. Based on what can be understood from product information and pictures alone, Leica has addressed pretty much all the issues I have with the Sony. The Leica Q is not as small and light as the RX1R, but this is not a huge issue for me given that the RX1R is not really a pocketable camera either with its bulky lens. Overall, I think getting the Leica Q would therefore be a real upgrade for me. Both cameras work for me in terms of focal length.


At the moment, I am still considering the new Monochrom. I don't know if I will have budget for either camera (the Q is quite close), but definitely not both of them.

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Too wide for me, 35 mm would have been ideal. Nikon just had a big "fail" with the Nikon Coolpix A. Whilst it was the apsc sensor it had an equivalent to a 28mm lens. Within 12 months it was discounted to half price and it's now officially discontinued . I'm led to believe the Sony RX 1 has done very well indeed as have the Fuji X 100 series with equivalent 35mm lenses. I'm sure Leica will have done plenty of market research so I wish them well with it, but I think 35mm would have been a better starting point , with the possibility of releasing a 28mm and/or 50 mm  alternative later on . 

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I used one today during a dealer demo.  I rarely use autofocus normally but I found this camera the perfect tool for street photography.

I particularly liked the quality inbuilt macro.

This will take 80% of the images I normally use a M camera for.

Thumbs up!


John Corneille


PS  Some varied images here: https://www.facebook.com/cameraexchangemelbourne

Edited by topogon
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Leica has introduced the Leica Q a full-frame compact camera with Summilux 28mm lens.


The specs at a glance:

  • Full format 24 MP CMOS Sensor
  • 1/16,000 electronic shutter
  • max. ISO 50,000
  • Continuous shooting with up to 10 fps
  • Wifi / NFC

I think that what we have here is the outline of the next M and hopefully the next T. Overall the M will get a processor upgrade, WiFi, and a sensor upgrade. The existence of this Q actually suggests to me that the next M is closer than I expected. We won't be waiting until Late 2016, it will probably be this fall. Most of the engineering for the next M is already done. I wouldn't be surprised if they shared a logic board but had a slightly different circuit firmware load. They just run the ribbon cable that runs the EVF to the port below the hot shoe rather than over to the left side of the camera. Antenna placement for the WiFi and NFC will be a bit more challenging on the M but I expect that it can be rerouted over to the left side of the camera near the buttons and control dials.


As for the T, I hope that they use this body style and layout for the next T-mount camera. It doesn't have to replace the current T but it provides an alternative user interface on the body for T-mount lenses.


However, I really believe that the biggest thing that they can adapt from the Q to the T is the UI for the lenses.  The big things that I would like to see are: 

- a focus tab on the lens

- physical stops on the MF ring with an AF setting

- an integrated macro extension tube or maybe for the T lenses it doesn't have to be integrated but an optional accessory. However, I think that this should have been built into the 18-56.

- Aperture on the lens

- focus scales engraved into and then painted onto the lens. 

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With over $10K invested in Leica M glass already and without the ability to change lenses OR use my existing Leica glass this Q is a non-starter for me. The limitations of the 28mm lens and inability to use my existing glass makes this a non starter for me as I love my 75 and 90mm lenses on my M9. But I am sure others will embrace it (esp those with lots of excess cash to blow). Personally for $4300 I would rather buy a nice slightly used M240 and keep using my Leica glass. I find that waiting a year or two after new models come out is the best way to get the Leica experience without the Leica sticker shock. My M9 was a refurb with full warranty for around 40% off, and I've also purchased several 9+ condition used lenses for 25% under retail with no regrets. It's kinda like buying a certified used BMW or Mercedes with a couple of miles on it......

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That I have a nice set of M lenses I would like to continue to use is the main reason I did not walk out of the Leica store today with the Q. But otherwise its a really great camera and I hope there is an ILC version of it (taking new AF and the M lenses) in the future. This also would allow Leica to dial back the "gadgets" on the pure M cameras, as they would be for those who just want a rangefinder and manual focus.



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How about an optical viewfinder/rangefinder and option for manual focus?


It offers manual focus with focus peaking in the EVF.  The fixed lens is manual focus and autofocus.  There's no room for an optical viewfinder/rangefinder.  And an optical viewfinder/rangefinder would dramatically increase the cost.

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Like almost everyone here my feeling are, "very nice, interesting, but ... "


And hasn't this been the case for so many non M Leicas over recent years? There always seem to be good reasons why Leica does what it does and yet for me they seem to just miss the mark. Obviously these are very subjective things, but it doesn't look like I'm alone in my feelings and observations. The reason I comment at all is because I want to like this camera and it could so easily have filled a niche in my bag.


I've been a very happy M user for 30 years. In addition to my M6 and M8 I loved my D2 and enjoy my V Lux 4. I would really like to like this Q as I would have the XVario (no viewfinder. An add on doesn't count) and the T (no viewfinder and one or two other things). But always my response is "yes, but ..."


I can see why this doesn't have a zoom lens. As a full frame camera it would be huge, even with, say, an f/2.8 (too slow for many) max aperture. But why not interchangeable M mount? Surely it cannot really be cost. (And the Q ain't cheap anyway!) And it wouldn't really compete with the M, which is so much more. And why wouldn't Leica want a bigger market anyway?


I like 28mm and it used to be the most used general lens on my Ms, but I don't think it would suit me without the choice of something else sometimes. No, I don't believe in digital zooms - surely not!


I really like the look of the Q. Full frame - fantastic. Despite loving my rangefinders, I can use a good EVF - I hardly notice it on my OMD-EM1. I will go and handle the Q when I can and probably end up saying that I really want to like it, but ... Mainly because of the fixed lens.


BTW How can a f/1.7 be a Summilux? 

( OK, because Leica say it is! But it is odd.)


So near and yet not quite, sorry Leica. Not for me, quite. Next time I hope.



Edited by Tim B
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