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Please post V-Lux 114 pictures here

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I have a V-Lux1 which is now 10 years old and I have loved every minute of it.........................until I got a new Leica C this year.

I took both on hiliday to Switzerland last month and have posted a couple of comparison shots on the Leica C thread at www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/237139-leica-c-images-post-them-here/page-6 .

The results disturb be greatly, because I thought what I was getting from my V-Lux1 was excellent already but that is now in doubt. I guess that always seeing the images one does not notice different or fading quality until it stands out in front of you.

OK it is a V-Lux1, and I do realise that software has developed faster than one can imagine over the last 10 years. The versatility of the V-Lux remains wonderful, but is so outshone this time by the little C when I took comparison shots.


Is it possible to get, say, a software update for my V-Lux1 to to bring it up near to the 114 standard, or does anybody have any other idea to restore previously cracking images -----or what I have always thought were cracking images.


My inclination at the moment is to use my new C as my prime camera with the V as secondary. I tried to sell my V-Lux 1 on the forum before buying the C but maybe the quality of that age is is not what people expect in this fast moving digital age.


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I love mine. Just like Stu has stated earlier in the thread, I too use my VLux 114 a great deal,  and my rangefinders are often left at home.  Just a really versatile tool, imho.


This is from a local Morris Dancing festival outside my local pub.


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And finally, sunset over the City of Liverpool viewed from the South, across the Mersey.    Again, handheld and at full zoom. 


(From L to R: Wind Turbines way out in Liverpool Bay, the twin towers of the Liver Building, the massive bulk of the Anglican Cathedral, St John's Beacon, and the wigwam shape of the Metropolitan (Catholic) Cathedral).


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Very nice shots, I am thinking the V-Lux 114 will be my wife's next camera. 

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