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35 Summilux preasph vs 35 Voigtlander Nokton 1.4

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I am considering buying a 35 Summilux preasph but have been considering also the 35 Nokton 1.4 from Voigtlander as it comes at a fraction of the price.


My main question is whether the Nokton also has that same magic glow at f1.4 as the Summilux preasph.



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I have both lenses. The CV is a bit sharper at f/1.4 but has no glow at all in that it does not show halos around highlights as the Summilux does at f/1.4 mainly. Also the CV, at least my SC sample, is set to be sharper at f/1.4 vs f/2.8 for the Summilux. So the CV shows a lot of focus shift from f/2.8 to f/5.6, more or less, while that of the Summilux is more compensated by DoF. Also my SC shows a lot of flare, more so than my late Lux copy but the bokeh rendition of both lenses is very similar. All in all, i used to use the SC at f/1.4 - f/2 when i did not need the famous glow of the Summilux. Now it is sitting in a drawer i'm afraid as i have a Summilux FLE as well. But the CV is very well made, its focussing action is smoother that the FLE's and i would still use it at fast apertures if i had not the former. BTW there is no focus shift issues for those using the lens in LV mode of course, what i said is mainly aimed at RF users.

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