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Leica 1 (B)

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Well, it is a (very) long time I did not use a Leica I, but I remember having made various satisfactory tests with either the Adox B&W (KB 21?) and the Ektachrome films. Nevertheless, the latter's colors were very pale and uncertain, understandably due to the non-coated lens.

Hope to have been of some help. Let us know about your results, please.


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In case you don't already have experience with screw-mount Leicas, loading the film takes extra care. The best way is to start by trimming the start of the film to the recommended shape as shown here: http://jay.fedka.com/index_files/Page345.htm


Apart from that, the biggest issue is, as Pecole said, the low contrast and flare from the uncoated lens. A good lens hood is essential unless the sun is behind you (the codename for the original is FISON).


I used to use an ultraviolet filter or (for monochrome film) a pale yellow filter all the time outdoors. For more realistic-looking skies in monochrome, switch to a standard yellow (Yellow 1).


I guess that nowadays it would be a good idea to choose the more contrasty colour films, and to use traditional monochrome emulsions rather than those such as Ilford XP2 that use the C-41 process. If you search the Film and Darkroom forums here you'll find more information.

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Learn how to trim the film leader so you load the camera correctly.


Remember to extend the lens and remove the lens cap before taking a photo! 


Don't point the camera for too long towards bright sun - you may end up burning a hole in the shutter. 


Wind the film on before trying to set the shutter speed.


That's about all the Leica-specfic advice I can think of. 

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