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With R lenses you can add the Novoflex adaptor and a Macro Adaptor-R this gives great results whether on the T or SL. Of course a tripod is also needed. See in my jewellery gallery the Seiko image not on the watch stand. That is taken with a Summicron-R 1:2 /90 and the two adaptos mentioned taken with the SL, but equally it could have been done on the T.

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Having started using my T body I thought it worth reviving this thread to add some more info.


I am using the T body with M and R adapters and the 60mm Macro-Elmarit R lens ( I also have Leica Extension tubes 14135 (M & F) and 14135 (several) which are a cheap (currently) and solid way of increasing extension). The R to M adapter has an excellent tripod bush which has an Arca type plate fitted. This combination is very rigid but has a relatively small footprint in terms of body size which can be useful at times as it allows for relatively easy use in tight spaces.


The Macro-Elmarit is of the older design in which the focus helicoid allows for substantial movement of the lens assembly and, unlike the modern internal focus type macro lenses, this permits use of extension tubes without any sudden, dramatic drop in image 'quality'. The T, being a smaller than full frame camera, works well at slightly larger apertures than full frame - I'm typically using f/11 of f/8 where I would have been at f/16 on full frame. I use the self timer to release the shutter which works fine too and dampens out any vibration from handling the camera when on a tripod or mount.


All this said, any similar camera with an adapted 14134 male ring (I have a Canon Leitax adapter fitted to one) will allow the macro-Elmarit to be used - the R to M adapter though, wins out because of its tripod bush - and the T is versatile in that it can use both R and M lenses some of which are recognised. I find it a useful little camera and am slowly accepting the user interface and EVF. As said I have adapters to use the same lens/extensions on a Canon dSLR but find the T to be more user friendly in practice oddly enough.


Anyway FWIW here is a sample image taken without extension tubes. The file shows as much detail as might be viable - the stamp's printing dots are resolved. For many of my requirements this set up actually offers more resolution than I require.


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