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Strap for M240

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I prefer adjustable neck straps. Leica 14092, Leica 14226, Classic Cases:




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Careful with the middle one!  Those twin hooks EAT the eyelets on the camera bodies.  Once I bought two of them for my two Leicaflex SL:s, and they made deep slits in all four eyelets before I noticed what was going on...

  IIRC, they were originally included with the Leica R3, which had stainless steel linings in the eyelets (inherited from Minolta), so they were more or less immune from this kind of wear.  But putting them on my present Leicas... never, ever!
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Has anyone use Luigi's Essential straps? I love the no metal parts concept but do u think it will really take the weight of the M240?

Been using the Leicatime "Essential" strap for a few months and am very pleased with it. Before I was using the Annie Barton "Sensuality"--similar "tiny tail" concept and was quite pleased with it as well, except that it was a bit too short for my taste. Both are more than strong enough for my M-P, most of the time with a Lux 50mm. Of course I don't go swinging the camera around as in a rodeo... and with both, I did/do make a point of every now and then, visually inspecting the "tiny tail" at the lug attachment points. Thus far I see no cuts/rips/any signs of leather failure.


The Essential is made of a very soft leather, thus easily wraps around the lens. This makes it very easy to handle the camera in and out of a bag. The Sensuality is a folded/double layer leather design, has a shoulder pad, and is doubly stitched along its length. This, IMO, probably makes it a bit stronger, certainly stiffer.


I'd have no hesitation recommending both, for anyone who wishes a strap with no metal ring attachments.   

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Artisan & Artist slider strap; I cycle a lot and it allows me to hoist my 240 tight round my upper back, well out of the way of the bike, and quickly release it back to hip level when I'm on foot - brilliant. Cycling with a Leica makes me much more careful too - I'm much more concerned about it being damaged than I am about me ;-)

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I've been using the Harry Benz Urūshī for the past few months and it may be the best strap I've ever used (and I've used most over the years). I like it so much that I just ordered another for my Monochrom.


urūshī — Harry Benz

Hi, could You please show a real world - picture from the used Urūshī? Thank You.


Kindest, Shlomo.

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I have two Arte Di Mano straps and matching cases in leather. One is the "lasso" style and the other is a flat leather. Very comfy and soft.


I also have an Artisan & Artist Easy Slider strap which is great but I don't like bow slippery it is if I hang it off my shoulder vs slinging it around my body.

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Ecohen, I believe, it's Eli, isn't it? :-)


After a few weeks or even months of usage - is there still enough red color?


I didn't understand ....and never thought about  the red wearing off....like new

Mine is over a year old and as you can see from the photo it still looks great.

....that said, at close examination the red has flaked off where the strap hits the body. I don't baby the camera or the strap. And I think in 5 years the red on the strap  will be well warn in spots  and still look great .

I wouldn't mind a little brassing on my camera either;-)


Look at the flaking on the right side of the strap near the ring (post 50)  that's about it.

Do you want more close ups of my year old strap? ....its no trouble


I also have a Benz B that is very very well used and just looks like worn black leather.


What I like best about this strap isn't the red  but the strong water buffalo leather, that is surprisingly soft.

Also the ways the end attaches to the rings, keeping them from scratching the camera....great design


Hope this helps

Evan Cohen

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