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Leica X Challenge - Bicycles

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It is my pleasure to organize the new challenge Leica X. Only photos, that were taken with a Leica X-Camera are admitted.

This time the theme is "Bicycle". Show us what you can do with your Leica. Good luck.


The deadlines are:


- From 1 to 18 March to upload photos. Maximum 3 pictures per participant. Photos taken at any time allowed.


- From 19 to 22 March will vote.


- The 23 will be proclaimed the winner.



Encourage and participate. Thank you very much.

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Achtung, wir haben nun zwei Bilderthreads für den X-Challenge! Dieser hier ist der Falsche.

Attention! We have two picture threads for the X-Challenge. This one ist the wrong one.


Richtig ist: Correct is:

>>>> http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/bicycles-fahrraeder/365064-leica-x-challenge-bicycle-picture-thread.html#post2897379

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Ich habe ein (1) Bild von hier zum richtigen Thread verschoben; ich habe drei (3) Bilder hier gelöscht, die im richtigen Thread auch schon eingestellt waren. Leider sind dabei die schon eingesammelten "Danke" verloren gegangen.

I have moved one (1) image from here to the proper thread mentioned in the post just above this one. I have removed three (3) entries which also have been posted in the proper thread. Unfortunately, the "thanks" accumulated so far have been lost.

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