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Just an idea of winter

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On some hills there was being preserved a kind of snow in a very thin layer. As last sunday was sunny, with blue sky I just roamed a bit.


This area is on the hills at my city and a crowd of sunseekers was enjoying a touch of coming spring even.


Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 90 mm



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Henry, Ali, Stuart, Louis,

thank you all for your nice comments, wishes and questions.


I am afraid this will be our share of snow for the season. The day after rin agfain started and will keep us in the droop gray winter depression at 8° Celsius. So I hope very much for ali, that a load of snow will reach the south of UK. for Louis I can tell that there are many benches alongside the forest side which are being enjoyed for sunbathing, picknick and other summer activities. The plain is on a hill and part of the chain of mountains and my city is being situated at the feet of this hillchain. Previously this meadow served to provide grass for the oxen. now a part of this meadow is being reserved for herbs and butterflies etc.

Our landscape here is not spectacular but beautiful at the second glance. It needs a while to visualize its character. Thanks for stopping by

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