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Few months ago I purchased Leica Monochrom after shooting with M240 for more than a year and all I can say is that I'm really liking this camera and lens combo (50mm APO).


MM's CCD sensor result is very similar to my Hasselblad H4D-50 which I mainly use in studio for fashion and beauty.

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Nice images indeed.


I have a question. In your view, for large prints, how close does the MM + 50mm APO get to the image quality (resolution / "look" etc) when you compare it to your Hasselblad outfit?


I'm curious, simply given the benefits of no bayer filter on the MM, and given the near-perfection of the 50mm APO ......

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Hi Jon,


Regarding the quality, MM sensor and 50 APO combo produces sharper, cleaner and nicer imageries and in some cases outperforms Hasselblad with the equivalent setup (H4D50 + HC 80mm lens). in Hassleblad lens lineup based on my knowledge, 120mm macro is the sharpest lens but super slow in focus and 100mm is one of fastest with satisfactory output.


Medium format sensors and in my case, 50mp back gives me lots of freedom on cropping and post adjustments/process which full-frame and lower megapixel cameras (such as MM) can't offer which forces me to compose precisely when I'm shooting. In most cases I crop my photos in 4x3 which means I loose more pixels with MM and M240 + I need to step further from the subject to get the right framing/composition for 4x3.


I still pick MM for on-location and street photography over MF (easier to carry). I love both platforms and each has it's own unique usage but they wont replace each other.


Hope I was able to answer your question.

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