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Wein SSHSHS Safe-Sync Hot Shoe too tight

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This won't fit onto the hot shoe of my M-E. It fits snugly on my Canon 6D and will go on the hot shoe of my M6, requiring more force than the 6D.


Anyone else have a problem getting this unit on their M9/M-E? Any alternatives?

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I use mine on multiple Nikons, M8 & M9 and it is very tight / snug on all. I can not push it on with one hand without risk of damage to the camera.


Since yours fits on other cameras, but not on ME, I suggest the Wein is perhaps at the thick end of tolerance and ME is thin end. Were you to send the ME in, you would probably find the answer is "within spec". If the hot shoe is loose, people tend to lose aux finders.


Considering cost of shipping and aggravation, I would order another Wein and thin the base with a fine metal file as required.

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My M9 hot shoe fitted snugly but I could remove and replaced the flash easily. However I just got my M9 back from Leica having it upgraded to M9P. The hot shoe is now extremely snug and requires a bit of force to install and remove my Metz flash. I just assumed that they are now using stronger springs in the hot shoe. I looked with a magnifying glass and I noted that the springs have a significant arch to them now whereas I think that they were much flatter before the upgrade. Perhaps if you use a small brush and apply a little silicon lubricant to the spring surfaces, it may be easier. I haven't done that since I use a little more force and carefully install and remove the flash.

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The replacement unit arrived from B&H. This one does fit on the M-E. I had asked B&H via email in their return process if they could test the hot shoe on a used M9 or M-E if they had any available. Never got a response to that query so I don't know if I just got lucky.

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