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For some reason, the shutter speed shown on the LCD screen is 1 or 2 stops slower than the shutter speed that I have selected.


For example, at this second I have 1/15 on the knob, but my LCD screen says 1/15.


I now just shut the camera off, and turned it back on - the shutter speed on the knob is now matching up to the LCD screen.


Fast forward after taking 3 shots, and have switched my shutter speed to 1/125, but 1/60 is being display.


As confirmation, after the photo is taken, the shutter speed that was taken into account is the one that is on the LCD screen.




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    • By lecycliste
      My SL2 is locked up - indicates ERROR in top display, no viewfinder / EVF / LCD display, but I can see aperture changing in top display if I change the light in front of the lens. 
      No problems for four months after purchase brand new from B&H, then I use a Metabones-adapted Macro-Elmar-R 60mm f/2.8 for the first time, and after a day of successful photography the camera is locked up this evening. 
      Tried removing the battery for 10 seconds for reset - still locked up with ERROR in top display on power up. Tried different lenses - Sigma L-mount 85/1.4 DG DN Art that worked fine for four months, Leica M lenses on M adapter L that also worked fine for four months. Tried a couple different batteries. Still nothing. 
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      I've never seen this error before!

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      regardless of RF or DSLR, there is grease mark on LCD.  I hate the smell days later if I forgot to wipe it.  For the same reason I don't like people touch my cameras... 
      I use right eye to focus which should be better than lefty.  I've tried to rotate my head clockwise to avoid touchy touchy but weird becoz I use both eyes.
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      Hello everybody, sometimes happens to my Q and to the one of a friend of mine that in full Auto the Iso go up, the exposure time becomes slow and the viewfinder and the consequent picture are dramatically overexposed. To come back to normality I have to set Aperture and Time manually, switch ON/OFF but this is not normal.
      This issue is quite rare and I do not want to send the camera in Germany to get it back after one months with the issue unsolved....
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