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Bookmarks to the M9 Sensor Corrosion Issue

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The swiftly growing threads about the corrosion of sensors of the M9 makes it difficult to find particular entries which may be essential for understanding the ongoing discussions, both for moderators and other members. I have therefore started collecting pointers to some specific threads and posts which we might want to find quickly.

This is not a digest or summary of the sensor corrosion issue. It's just a signpost.

I am closing this thread now. Discussions should continue in the established threads. Suggestions for additional posts to be "remembered" here may be submitted via PM or by using the "report" function. Please accept that we want to keep this list short.

Es gibt auch eine Deutsche Version.
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Crosslink to German version
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What's the problem?


The cover glasses on sensors of M9 cameras and of cameras derived from the M9 start showing signs of corrosion after some time.


There are images illustrating the problem:





This thread is not about other things being discussed about the M9 sensor, such as the cracked cover glass, hot spots, dust and dust removal, hot and dead pixel or pixel rows, noise.

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In December, two German speaking members posted an Open Letter to Leica Camera AG, to be "signed" by all members who wish to signal their agreement. An English translation is provided in the same post, in order to collect all responses in one place, regardless of the language.


Members who want to "sign" (signal their agreement) do so by clicking on the "Thanks" button there (not here).


Leica Camera AG is aware of the Open Letter and of the list of "thanks".


The German post with the Open Letter is here: http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/forum-zur-leica-m9/355714-offener-brief-die-leica-camera-ag.html#post2836241


Direct links to the documents:

The original German version of the Open Letter;

The English translation of the Open Letter;

A Bilingual version.


Please remember: to signal agreement with the open letter, go to the original post containing the letter and click on "Thanks" there.

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direct links to the Open Letter and translation
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Stefan Daniel has posted new and more favorable conditions for owners of affected CCD-Sensors: Leica Upgrade program for M9 ( corrosion of sensor)

The same information is accessible on Leica's on web site: http://en.leica-camera.com/World-of-Leica/Leica-News/About-Leica-News/Global/Important-Information-Concerning-the-CCD-Sensors

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The issue has been solved. Leica now has a new color sensor stack and the monochrome one is to follow:


Leica M9 Corrosion - Sensor Replacement Starts Now!


The German language thread may contain relevant information which is not duplicated in the English one and vice versa:



Leica M9 Korrosion - Sensoraustausch M9, M9-P und M-E beginnt!


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