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"What I like abou you"

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Stealing the title for this thread from the old Romantics song. I wanted to start a thread where we discuss our favorite features or the things that we think that Leica did right and why we like them. We have several threads where we discuss all the things that are wrong and that we don't like, I wanted to start a more positive thread about the things that we think Leica got right.


Here is the beginning of my list so far:

1) USB charging - This is great! It works with my cell phone pattern of living. I come home, and plug my camera in and it charges overnight. I don't think that I even put my 2nd battery into it yet. Furthermore, should I ever take this camera backpacking or hiking. There are plenty of USB power sources that I can charge using solar or whatever which I can use to keep the battery charged. Even though you can charge the battery inside the camer they didn't skimp and make the external charger an optional accessory, so with two batteries you can shoot while the other battery charges.

2) "The essence" - my E-M1 has 18 button, 2 thumb wheels, and a mode selector wheel, a multi-level labyrinthine menu system part of which seems to have been arranged by someone who was partial to acrostic poems. While I'll admit that the E-M1 does slightly more than the Leica T, the level of complexity in the UI sometimes makes it difficult to find the feature that you want. The Leica T's UI is like a breath of fresh air. It isn't afflicted by featuritis but seldom leaves you wanting.

3) The focus scale when using manual focus modes. First of all the Olympus doesn't even give you a clue whether you are focusing more closely or further away. You just have to hunt around until you learn the right direction. At least my very old Panasonic gave you an uncalibrated scale. The focus scale not only tells you which way to go, it gives you an indication of how large your DOF is going to be even when using live view.

4) The richness and accuracy of the colors. The Leica T while not an M does have some of that Leica look.

5) The edge to edge sharpness and contrast in the lenses.

6) When you are pushing the limits with ISO, the way that the noise looks like film grain is somewhat pleasing to me.

7) The way that the T joins your WiFi network rather than tries to become an access point for a new network. When I want to share something from my camera, I don't want to have to drop myself off of the WiFi and join another network just to do it.

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I'd agree with all of the above.

I especially like beginning able to go out and enjoy taking photographs, without having to take a lot of equipment or waste time constantly fiddling with camera menus. Its probably true of most Leica's their simplicity brings back the enjoyment of photography.

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8) the silicone strap is small enough that it fits into a bag well and it has a little grip to it. So when I ride my bike it mostly keeps the camera on my back rather than allowing it to rotate around to my front where it could bang int the frame.

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