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Herr Barnack

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I've stopped my main websites, but have kept my photo blog and Flickr stream up to date.


a photo a week - I think I've kept it up to date for 6 years already!

Dan Bachmann's weekly blog


my Flickr stream (some overlap with the blog)

Flickriver: Photos from Dan Bachmann

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Oh well ..... it's all in the signature below.


Maintenance can be a chore especially when links break. Keeping it up to date also! Must spend more time on it!


There have been a number of comments about maintenance of sites. I started out with a web development program that some guy was selling on the web. The system was rickety and required work. I switched to Zenfolio about a year later. I am currently using Photoshelter.


Both are low cost, turnkey services. There are other similar services out there. It takes a couple of hours to configure the templates to your liking. It is then a question of pumping the photos up. My workflow is quite simple: When I come back from shooting, I edit my photos in Photoshop. In addition to creating a Photoshop file, I save a copy in jpg form. I then just drag all the jpg files that I want to post to the site's uploader. I then add captions. Not a big deal. I have never had a link break or had to any maintenance once the site is setup.


If you want to display your work online, this is an elegant solution. I forget the cost, but I think it is around $100 a year for lots of storage space. Both services have built-in sales capability, with a number of print service providers. That gets a little more complicated because you have to create files that meet specifications, but you don't have to use these services. With Photoshelter, you can also connect into a Tumblr blog and I believe add an Instagram feed. In addition you can have a bio page.


Pretty simple and pretty elegant.

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I have a self-hosted website set up to feature a range of works, paintings, printmaking, photography, and my blog, words.

Websites always need work and constant attention and upgrading, and improvement.

Just as I was preparing to send my contribution to this post, I found "something" that had mysteriously become inactive, but luckily I was able to get it working again, without too much worry.


Basically my portfolios section presents works from the archive, while words has evolved to be where I post current activities.

I also have a Tumblr blog: http://www.tumblr.com/blog/arttaj and I also use Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/94322379@N05/


Nuts & bolts: I use WordPress dot org hosted on Dreamhost.

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In regards to web templates and hosts, I use Photium for both of my websites (one photography, the other leatherwork). Photium have been brilliant for the five years or so I have been with them, they answer questions within an hour normally, sometimes within a few minutes. When I wanted a non template look to my photo website I asked them about it and within ten minutes it was done for me! Maybe not the cheapest at £7.95 month but with sales options and lots of other tools I wouldn't swap from them.

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Welcome to Nick Bradford Landscapes: Nick Bradford Landscapes of New Zealand


These are my monochrome landscapes of New Zealand. The first 2 portfolios are made on film with medium and large format cameras, but the South Island photos made on our treks are made with my Leica 111a and Leica M2 cameras. Hope you enjoy them.

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