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LHSA 2015 Spring Shoot

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Some information of interest from Gary Hough:



"1. Member David Dodd has arranged a private tour of the Ashland Belle Plantation, owned by Shell Oil, for Thursday 9-11am, April 16th. If you Google Richard Sexton’s book Vestiges of Grandeur, the front cover stairway image is from the plantation mansion. If you want to attend (max 25+ and 20 signed up so far), contact David Dodd and cc Richard Rejino, and also mention if you can drive. Bring a tripod. For those staying in NO, we leave the Four Points at 7am and find breakfast along the way.


2. Saturday late afternoon and evening, we are going to David Spielman’s Gallery in the Garden District to see his images and light food, photograph some of the local steamboat houses, then walk to the Commander’s Palace Restaurant for dinner at 8:30pm. If you want the dinner, call NOW and mention LHSA. I have reserved already and the 8pm seating was almost full, so it is 8:30pm. 1.504.899.8221 Jacket is not required, but nice shirt and slacks for guys."


I am going on the Ashland Belle trip but need to get back home before the Saturday dinner. It sounds great, thoughj.

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Has any attendee of Tom Smith's Saturday presentation received the files he promised to send to the email addresses we left with him?


I haven't and am curious whether he has had a chance to follow through.


Have emailed him twice but received no response.



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