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M8: to buy or not to buy?


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I am looking to buy an M8 or M8.2. However, I am unsure, so could someone point me in the right direction.

-How serviceable is it, in terms of repairs and parts?

-What is long-term reliability like, compared to a full-frame dSLR like Sony A900 or Canon 5D?

-What's is the best way to maximize long-term use and reliability, ie good habits?

-Do Leica offer any ongoing support for second-hand models?


Thank you, Colin.

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Leica will still service and support M8 cameras (including second hand cameras) with a single exception – they no longer have replacement LCD screens. There's no way of being sure regarding long term reliability but there are plenty of people with M8 bodies that have been in regular use since late 2006.

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