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Surefire 123a batteries in MW-R8


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Surefire 123 batteries are the same size and voltage (3V) as any other CR123 type battery


rechargeable cells (surefire's LFP cells, Part Number SF2R-CB) RCR123, 16340 etc will have a higher voltage (4.2v when charged, average of 3.7 under load) and will probably damage the winder - they certainly make incandescent flashlight bulbs very bright for a fraction of a second.

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Rather unfortunate name for a lithium battery…...


Hahaha !


Actually Surefire is a well respected flashlight manufacturer, they started the small "tactical" flashlight market and weapon mounted lights, powered by CR123 cells, and then started selling the batteries


Fwiw - i have a bunch of their lights, around 15 different models (although most are now running a rechargeable cell, NOT reccomended for cameras or incandescent lamps)


A bunch of info on flashlights and batteries is available over at candlepowerforums

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