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M (typ 240) + GPS help needed

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Hi, just received my Multifunction Handgrip.

Installed it, set in the menu GPS "ON".

After more than half an hour outdoors in southern Finland with camera in hand or in bag with power on the info button shows on the bottom line satellite icon with an X and no GPS data recorded with the pictures.

In my area car GPS locks in the satellites in a minute after turning on.

How long does it take for Leica GPS to lock outdoors?


What do I need to do? Is my GPS faulty?


Thanks for help,


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IME the GPS on the multifunction hand grip is very flaky. It works sometimes and at others it doesn't, even at the same location.


God knows why .............. perhaps a reading of chicken entrails or tea leaves might provide an answer?

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The GPS in the multifunctional handgrip does require a reset of the M240 to acquire a GPS signal from my experience if this is any help.

Try a reset of the M240 ,in the cameras menu and then switch off the GPS and switch it on , a signal should be acquired if the weather is clear within a few minutes.

Remember to switch off the GPS to save battery if not required as it does increase battery consumption.

I hope this helps,


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Thank you for helping. I re-attached the grip a few times, switched GPS on and off in the menu a few times, held it steady outdoors not covering the grip and it finally got locked on the satellites!

Let's see how steady it works.

It's a good point to switch it off when indoors / not needing the location!

Have a nice week end,


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