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Histogram in automatic image review

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Is it possible to display a histogram when the image taken is automatically on screen having just taken the shot? I am using an M type 240 (not the "P") with the latest firmware update.


Thanks for any tips on this and apologies if the answer is already out there.

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No need to push an extra button. Gary is right, if you play back a shot and then cycle through the display modes using the Info button, whatever option you choose to display on the screen will then remain as your default display for subsequent reviews.


How do you access your default display without pushing the info button?


The OP was asking if it's possible to see the histogram in auto review; it isn't.

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Thank you so much for that information. It works perfectly. I have set playback review to show the histogram and now it shows it in automatic review as well, just like you said. So simple! This is a huge benefit to me and I am sure to most photographers.

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