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D-Lux 6 Too Warm

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A while ago, I bought a D-lux 6 for my wife. But we had to return it to B and H because it was too warm after two hours of shoting. She has owned some point shot cameras but none got warm at all. She loves the look of D-lux 6. So, on her birthday, I thought I would like to try it again and bought a D-lux 6 100 edition for her. However, it is same warm as last one after one hour shoting. My question is it is normal like that for D-lux 6. I don’t mind of paying more for the red dot as long as it works normal like other cameras.

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My D-Lux 6 doesn't exhibit the problem, but then she and I may be shooting differently.


Is she doing movies or stills? I don't shoot movies, but I know continuous use of the sensor causes it to warm up.


I tend to use the camera for a few shots, then turn it off. Is she doing something like working a crowd, where she's working continually without turning off the camera?


Yours is the first post I've seen on the topic, so I don't think it's a common happenstance.

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