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90mm f/2 Summicron-M III question

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Here's a question of mine that I put in another group that I'd also like to ask the experts in this group:

According to the serial numbers list @


Numbers 2813801–2814900 (Lens nos. 2814052 & 2814349 are 90 mm not 35mm as listed) were Summicron-M f= 3.5 cm 1:2 (black.1) made in 1977

My 90 Summicron III is number 2814630. What year was it made? Might there be more 90s made in that range? Any other info?


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Others exist by sure ... and my 2814779 is an example : probably they aren't few and the real year of production is hard to guess : the date of 1977 precedes by several years the official intro and is well know that one cannot make the quick equivalence "number of 1977=made in 1977". Those items are interesting because had a detail that, de facto, is a design mistake : the hood, when retracted, covers the f/stop ring, which can't be operated... ;another typical detail is the s/n on side (a solution that was indeed used on other Canadian lenses of that era)

Anyway, I think that those first series Summicrons are more in the hundreds than in the dozens, but never read numbers in the usual books.

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