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What are your thoughts on Leica rangefinder/viewfinders vs other cameras? I am currently using a Canon Canonet that I recently purchased. I am interested in purchasing a Leica, but am worried that the rangefinder/viewfinder might be too hard (squinty) for me to use? I do wear glasses.



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They've been used for 3/4 century now by thousands of photographers...so I don't think it is so much as a problem as it is with your perception of it. However....it depends on whether you are talking about a screwmount Leica or an M mount Leica. Screwmounts can be a little squinty until you get used to them. M mounts are outstanding...I've worn glasses since I was about 12 years old and been using a Leica M mount for 45 years with no issues. The one thing, as a glasses wearer, you need to be particularly aware of is whether with your prescription you can focus at the point the viewfinder assumes a normal eyesighted person can use. Since there is no diopter adjustment on the body, this is critical for getting a perfectly clear image in the RF focusing process. Leica does sell diopters to assist if needed. Years ago, even though I wore glasses, I wanted to shoot without glasses, so I needed a diopter. These days I always wear my glasses which correct to 20/20 vision and the VF is just fine. Do a search if this is an issue, there has been lots of discussion on this topic.

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      Hi There,
      I recently bought my dream camera, a Leica IIIf! 
      The unit came with a VIOHH Universal Viewfinder and noticed that the framing is crooked (see attached image). Has anyone seen this issue before, or know how to troubleshoot?
      Thanks in advance!

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      Recently, my lightly used CL has been having viewfinder issues. When I turn it on it opens in the LCD mode as soon as I take a photo, it stays in the eyepiece /viewfinder mode even when I move my eye away. I have adjusted the sensitivity to auto, light, etc.  The only way it returns to the screen is by Turing the camera off/on again.
      This has reduced the enjoyment of the CL for me. Is anyone else seeing this chronic issue and is there a fix short of sending the CL back to the Leica (NJ) "hospital" for weeks.....and repair expense?
      Hope someone has an answer-my local Leica dealer was without an explanation.
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      In excellent condition.
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      Hey everyone, 
      I just got my m2 off ebay and had a look through the viewfinder only to see 2 main very noticeable spots. I attached a picture and the one on the lower left looks much dimmer and looks like a dot and a hair almost? It's kind of light greyish and I think it's a particle or dust but I'm not quite sure. However, in the middle the speck seems much darker (basically black) and more prominent. Could this be separation or is it another speckle of dust (imo it doesn't seem like one). If this has happened to you or you know what it is, any input on how to fix or your thoughts would would be greatly appreciated! 
      Also the shutter curtain on the front seems a little pushed forward and I can see the whole seam on it, is that normal? The curtain works 100% fine but I'm not sure if Im supposed to see the whole seam and overlap of the two curtains. On the back it stays slightly open by 1mm or so (didn't include a pic sorry)... should it cause a light leak? The camera was also recently CLA'd.
      Lastly, the viewfinder has some "gold specks" which I think is separation, but I hope i'm wrong.  
      Please help if you can clarify, recommend a fix, or give any thoughts on ^^. Overall the camera seems amazing and none of the things I mentioned has really bothered me, but if I can learn more about them then it would be great.
      Thanks in advance, 

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