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What are your thoughts on Leica rangefinder/viewfinders vs other cameras? I am currently using a Canon Canonet that I recently purchased. I am interested in purchasing a Leica, but am worried that the rangefinder/viewfinder might be too hard (squinty) for me to use? I do wear glasses.



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They've been used for 3/4 century now by thousands of photographers...so I don't think it is so much as a problem as it is with your perception of it. However....it depends on whether you are talking about a screwmount Leica or an M mount Leica. Screwmounts can be a little squinty until you get used to them. M mounts are outstanding...I've worn glasses since I was about 12 years old and been using a Leica M mount for 45 years with no issues. The one thing, as a glasses wearer, you need to be particularly aware of is whether with your prescription you can focus at the point the viewfinder assumes a normal eyesighted person can use. Since there is no diopter adjustment on the body, this is critical for getting a perfectly clear image in the RF focusing process. Leica does sell diopters to assist if needed. Years ago, even though I wore glasses, I wanted to shoot without glasses, so I needed a diopter. These days I always wear my glasses which correct to 20/20 vision and the VF is just fine. Do a search if this is an issue, there has been lots of discussion on this topic.

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