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Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing . . .

Brenton C

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The lovely Ellen Doty, on the occasion of releasing their first full length CD.


Taken with my M3, Summicron 50/2 using Delta 3200. Pretty happy with the results.


Something's in the way on #2, partially obscuring Ellen's left arm -- Not sure if that was a mic stand, or the trombone player getting in the way. (Hope it's not my shutter curtain lagging behind).


Edit: the order was reversed. It's the first one to which I refer.

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Thank you, gentlemen.


Just between the four of us, the handsome young fellow on the guitar is my son Josh.


My "in" with the band gave me a feeling of permission to get in tighter than I'd usually feel bold enough to do.

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Thanks gents for recent comments here. Wilfredo, i'm humbled by your praise, because I'm a great fan of your photographic eye, not to mention your photographic heart!


Robert--i am also a student if many of your contributions here abouts. Yes that shutter. Quite a few curtain problems on roll #1. The delta 3200 was  roll #2, after which I cycled the shutter a couple hundred times on someones advice. Since then, I havent seen it intrude, though when next I go to vancouver, I'll call ahead for an appointment with a tech there by the name of Mr. Wenzel. Even if it doesnt strictly need it, it's piece of mind to invest in a CLA, I think.

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