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I was wondering: how was the original strap for the M5? For some reasons it seems to be very difficult to find, even in pictures.


From what I understand there were a version for the two-lug M5 (code 14190, see http://www.summilux.net/documents/BrochureM5.pdf), which was basically a continuous leather strap, and then another for the three-lug M5 (code 14196?), which had a leather section that passed around the lug and closed with a button (see Original Leica M5 two lug, and three Lug Strap Appearance? - Photo.net Leica and Rangefinders Forum).


Anyone can cast more light on the subject? Also, was the strap included in the box? I would say yes for the two-lug, because in the brochure it is listed as "replacement", but I'm not sure about the three-lug, the polystyrene padding in the box doesn't seem to have space for it. Why is the original strap so difficult to find?





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Benvenuto nel forum, Paolo !!


I am not 100% sure, but think that the 3-lugs M5 was provided WITH the strap : if you look at catalogs of the ages in which M5 was made with the 3 lugs (1972 - onwards), in the detailed description I have always seen specified that the strap was included : I SUPPOSE that it was the "dual personality" version for the 3 lugs.


The reason for they are difficult to find is, I think, that no many M5 are around,, simply: as of today, Leicashop of Wien does list a 3 lugs M5 and specifies that it has a strap... but it is not depicted...

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