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Stolen Leica Elmar 135mm f4 - 1893726

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About a month ago I bought the above 135 f4 Elmar (serial no. 1893726) on eBay. The seller - 123stiny - assured me that the lens was better than new, the lenses had been removed and ultra sonically cleaned, the old lubricant replaced by new and better. Incredibly, he sent it to me loosely wrapped in some old newspapers, in a cardboard box without the lens caps on, (that's right, the glass elements bare in the box) the Leica lens cap and rear cap nice and safe in a well wrapped little bag. Sure enough, the lens arrived and it was really nice- but now with a large DENT in the filter ring! Rough handling is the norm in the mail people! Pack accordingly!

Annoyed, I contacted the man whom the seller had indicated had done such fine work to the Elmar, Henry Sherrer of Suisin City Calif. to see if he could fix the dent. He assured me that he had never worked on the Elmar or any Elmar for that matter, but would fix it if he could. I sent it to him the next day. The lens never arrived. (Thanks again to Henry for all his valued help)

Tracking indicates that the lens made it only to the post office in Suisin City, and theire it got rerouted and two days later was delivered to an address in Hackensack New Jersey. It then vanished.

I would appreciate anyone seeing or finding this lens to contact me. I have tried everything else. Thanks all.

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It sounds like it was lost by the postal service rather than stolen. Perhaps worth following up with them and claiming on their insurance (I assume you ship valuable items with sufficient insurance cover). I hope you track it down.

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It is for this reason I NEVER ship any Leica product except maybe the occasional hood via USPS. They are government and we all know how bad government is.

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It is for this reason I NEVER ship any Leica product except maybe the occasional hood via USPS. They are government and we all know how bad government is.


While won't help OP, Lou is 100% correct. We find FedEx much more reliable than UPS and never never send anything of value through U.S. Post Office.


Hope you can track the lens down; USPS does have a recovery process.


Good luck.

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I feel for you. What kind of eBay rating did the seller have ?

He lied about the lens and shipped it with deficient packaging.



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Very unfortunate, two events of bad luck in such a short time. I hope you can get information on the lens, if it was delivered to an address in another part of the country then the post office knows where it was and could at least try to get it back.

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It is never lost in postal services!


Need patience to track it down and little amount of follow up.


You may need to find the delievery post office, delievery date and delievered to whom. They keep records.


Otherwise see if you have insurance covered and the amount of claim is equal to the lens price than you can still live with lost lens.

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      Not sure if I am the second or third owner, but the camera is well taken care and in good functioning shape.
      No coffee stain or visible scratches on the lcd. 
      RF mechanism is accurate, and has firmware updated to latest available version.

      1 used black Leica concave soft shutter button
      2 used oem Leica batteries (holding full charge)
      1 used oem leica charger
      2 used non-oem batteries
      1 used non-oem charger
      1 used unbranded L bracket with grip
      1 used black thumb up for M8/M9 (not yet in pic)

      PayPal included - $1300.00

      Buyer pays for shipping and insurance
      If you want sample shots or need more item pictures, please pm me - I can either send to your email or a google drive link via pm
      Shutter reads now 19,675 - might end with a few more soon.

      Been debating about trading or selling for quite some time. Truth is, I don't use it enough and it's a shame, as either color, b&W or IR( look-a-like with filter) frames are just gorgeous - I even like the shutter sound, go figure.

      Will ship to anywhere, but buyer is responsible for additional cost and due diligence.
      with customs as needed (and beware of battery restrictions please)
      I will pack the item very carefully with plenty of bubble wrap, so all will be very secure and protected - expect a slight larger box, 
      As much as possible, I will ship within 48 hours or faster, upon receiving payment. Unless there is bigger issues, like roads closed, etc.

      Feel free to ask any questions.Will consider reasonable offers
      I have feedack on EBay and Fred Miranda  'Bacalhau'
      Thanks for looking
      PS:lens and hand strap shown are just for showcase purposes - not included
      note: answering question about raw format and key pad sequence - please follow link
      Camera still available, bue to backout

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      Lieferumfang: Kamera M240 im original Karton mit allen zum werksmäßigen Lieferumfang gehörenden Teilen und Papiere.
      Zusätzlich: 2. Akku, Leica EVF2 (elektronischer Viewfinder), Leicatime Tasche mit Gurt und Fach für 2. Akku u. SD-Karten (Luigi Case), SD-Karte Lexar 16 GB, 600x Speed. Alle Teile aus einem tierlosen- und Nichtraucher Haushalt.
      Versand außerhalb der Europ. Union auf Anfrage. Eventuelle Zölle o.ä. muß der Käufer tragen. Für zusätzliche Fragen stehe ich gerne und kurzfristig zur Verfügung.
      Dies ist ein privater Verkauf, deshalb keine Garantie und keine Rücknahme   I sell my Leica M240, silver chrome plated, incl. Accessories.
      I purchased the camera in 2013 at the Leica Store Solms and did not use them often (Canon SLR system and other Leica cameras also at hand). The camera is in a state "like new", without visible signs of wear, the accessories too.
      Scope of delivery: Camera M240 in the original box with all parts and papers belonging to the factory delivery.
      In addition: 2nd battery, Leica EVF2 (electronic viewfinder), Leicatime bag with strap and compartment for 2nd battery & SD Cards (Luigi Case), SD-card Lexar 16 GB, 600x speed. All parts from a animal-free and non-smoking household.
      Shipping outside the Europ. Union on request. Possible custom duties or similar the buyer has to pay.
      For additional questions I am happy and available at short notice. This is a private sale, therefore no guarantee and no return
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      Hi quys, sorry for off topic, .. on 11th March part of my photo equipment was stolen in Czech Republic /city Neratovice/,.. caused by my stupidity.. we where hurry to put children in the car seats going on family celebration and we were late, car was allready full of other items and the photo bag stayed on the ground by the rear wheel of the car ,.. please take a look at those If you are looking for some of these to buy in near future please look at those serial numbers. If you find it somewhere for sale please let me know (e-mail: dvorskym@centrum.cz). THANK YOU. Mark 
      -body - Sony A7r II (ILCE-7RM2) - serial number: 5091094
      Zeiss Loxia 21/2.8 - serial number: 51633451
      VOIGTLÄNDER Nokton 35/1.2 II aspherical - serial number: 8330009 /incl. lens hood/
      TechartPro adapter
      Canon EF 85/1.2 L II USM - serial number: 45360
      Canon EF 135/2 L USM - serial number: 124800
      Metabones IV T adapter
      Sony Zeiss Sonnar FE 55/1,8 ZA - serial number: 45715887
      Sony FE 28/2 (SEL28F20) .. unfortunatelly don´t have a serial number
      Asahi Makro-Takumar preset 50/4 1:1 ... serial number: 3397467 
      Leica Summarit-M 75/2.4 - serial number: 4309530
      VOIGTLÄNDER Close focus adapter Sony E (Nex) <-> Leica M) - serial number: 08412298
      I wrote to Leica in Germany to list the Summarit with this SN on a "black"list.
    • By Totorr
      Hi there, 
      I send you this mesage beacause I have been burglarized, in France, Paris.
      -Leica M9P (black) the serial number is   04 321 492
      -Leica M2 (black paint not original) the serial number is   1 112 375
      -Leica M2 (grey) the serial number is 993 944
      -Leica Summilux 50mm ASPH number is   4 187 306
      If you see something, just send me a message here or in MP,
      Thanks a lot...
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