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STOLEN LEICA M240 (Serial 4825516) and 35 mm F2 Summicron Lense


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Hi JP,

I'm sorry that you experienced this and lost your gear. You already got all the right advice.

If you do not want to shell out money to buy any kind of replacement now, but still have some time here in Paris and wish to take pictures of this fascinating city, I could lend you some gear, although more modest than your M. PM me if interested.




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OP, sorry for your loss. It must be very frustrating.


Is there a special insurance in the US for camera or personal property insurance bought together with the renters insurance is enough?

I asked my provider (Geico), and I was told this should br fine, but I am a bit sceptic about it.

Do you purschase some other insurance as well in general?

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In addition to my homeowners policy I pay for mysterious disappearance insurance for my cam gear. They replace with police report. If not directly replaceable they give you the choice-cash back at value you quoted (need receipt) or try to buy on used market. My ins company also has a buying service for claims as part of the policy.

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In my case, I have a Personal Properties rider attached to my homeowners policy with each item serial number and price. I travel a lot and the annual premium is a small price to pay for the peace of mind of not worrying (so much) about taking the equipment with me. In addition, this would cover such a thing as dropping the camera off a boat or some such event.


By the way, I was in Paris last September and carried my M240 kit in a Fogg bag without problems. Looks like a point and shoot camera to a lot of people. I was careful and kept the strap wrapped around my leg at restaurants but never felt any problems. Anyway, not any more than any other big city. Even here in Hawaii, tourists do get items lifted from a parked rental car trunk from time to time.

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Hi there,


I live in Paris, at Montmartre and i see the tourist flow everyday.

You guys are really "a target' for the thieves, be sure of that !

The romanians childs/girls are doing great damages (but they are not the only ones), using papers that they will ask you to sign while others will be stealing from your back, so always carry your staff/bags on the front, keep your hands on it.

Don't hesitate to say them go ****, make gesture with your arms...

Same on the metro, where you'll find those girls/young boys again, or much professional stealers (i've already seen ones with "false arms"

) that will get so close to you that you won't see/feel anything.

Once again, get your staff in front of you and keep arms on them.

Be careful when the doors close on the metro, that is often here where thieves take bags/cell phones/cameras...

On the "terrasses" of cafés, just DON'T put your bags out of sight, keep them between your legs. Never go to the toilets leaving your bag, it won't be there when you'll get back !

And know that the monuments (tour eiffel, louvre aso) will be full of thieves, that's where they'll be doing their day.


Apart from that, Paris is not a dangerous city, you can walk without being annoyed.

I use my Leica's every time on the street, never had any problem or been followed.

It is sad to say but being a tourist is part of the problem...

A friend of mine told me that the Montmartre police station was visited everyday by 50 to 100 robed tourists... That is a lot !

So be careful and keep your eyes open... and you'll be able to enjoy the stay safely...

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In my opinion, the best way to carry around an expensive camera such as the Leica M, is to have it hanging from a strap ( Get your STRAP for the Leica M! ) from an hook ( Get HOOKed! ) and equipped with a sling ( Get your SLING for the Leica M! ) that allow you to detach the camera from the strap and take safely pictures without fear of it falling down.

Obviously, anything must be covered by a light jacket which I always wear, anytime, anywhere. I used to carry another small lens in my pocket.

I'm totally against bags and backpacks. Just use them to carry the camera and lenses as an hand luggage when traveling.

When traveling Europe (and even the States) I try to look and behave like a guy of the place that just take some pictures, not like a tourist.

Please bear in mind that I haven't the slightest interest, benefit or profit from Leicagoodies. It's just that I've been using their gears for years with great satisfaction and without the slightest problem.

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