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#leica at Instagram counts a quarter of a million

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Over the past few days the number of images tagged with the hashtag #leica has passed a quarter of a million. I enjoy Instagram very much and the little app has grown to become one of my favorite places to look and interact with fellow Leica users and other interesting photographers. Both amateur and more professional ones.


Instagram has more than 200 million users worldwide and and there are more than 60 million images uploaded daily. Instagram was bought by Facebook in 2012


I think Instagram is a lot more than photographs of peoples dinners overlaid with cheap filters to make them look as they where taken with Kodachrome in the 60`. Instagram is also a powerful political and social arena and plays a part in documenting events as they unfold around the world. From #syria to #worldcup you can search and follow to your hearts intent.


There are a number of ways to enjoy Instagram from your desktop or laptop of you find the images to small. If you are interested in your data and the key metrics from your Instagram account , you can log in to Iconosquare - All Instagram online


Even Leica Camera themselves use Instagram to promote, share and let users behind the scenes, product launches, collaborations and several Leica Stores maintain their own account and communicate with a number of followers. Leica even collaborate with key influential photographers and other personalities within culture, music and art. Even one of Leicas designers, #vincentsall is on Instagram sharing insights from process to great photography.


Magnum Photos and several Magnum photographers like #davidallanharvey have great and active presence on Instagram. Other agencies and news organizations are also present. Like #life (magazine), and #rollingstone


The analog crowd too takes great pleasure with keeping us up with fantastic photography and tips and tricks from developers to labs around the world. Have a look at #shotonfilm


I have also encountered several forum members and enjoyed looking their work.





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What network - Instagram, Flickr, etc. - are you using to share photos online and why? Where can we have more engagement with quality photographers, see great images, learn and share experiences? That is, apart the Leica Forum 


Intuitively I would say Instagram is the fastest growing image sharing network these days... however, the need to upload from a mobile phone and the square format limit convenience...


Please advise. Thanks.

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