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Leitz Focomat II - 60mm Focotar lens flaring

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Hello everyone,

I recently bought a Leitz Focomat II and discovered that when printing from the 60mm Focotar lens that two dark lines forming a triangle appear on either side of my prints. I also noticed that there are four light spots hitting the rim of the lens (these increase in size when you open up the aperture) and I'm pretty sure this is related to the problem. I'v looked at the enlarger from every angle and checked that things are all in their proper place


I have attached images to demonstrate what I'm describing above. You can see the two dark lines forming a triangle clearly in the sky above the lion's head (the same is mirrored on the other side of the print but harder to see), and there are a couple shots of the light spots hitting the rim of the lens.


Could anyone please tell me what might be causing these light flares and how I could fix the problem. All insights are greatly appreciated!



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