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    • By duotones
      First, Happy New year.
      within my manual for the M10- on page 172- automatic Bracketing.
      as I look at the picture on that page it Differs then what is on my camera.
      On your M10 do you have within the Drive mode ' exposure bracketing'  an automatic line 'A forth line"
      I have the first three but not the forth line in my M10?
      I'm was trying to do some HDR.
      Please advise.
    • By sungyle
      I am so excited to hear about the new CL.  It's supposed to be all digital now, right?
      I looked at some reviews and photos and like it very much.
      But, before I buy one (and yes, I am ready to buy one), I need to know about a few things:
      1) Is this the camera that will put my iPhone 8 plus to shame?
      2) Can it do auto bracketing (like the D-lux type 109 aka 7BKT 1)?
      3) Can it do burst mode (7 frames, 10 frames, whatever...)?
      4) Does it come with A or P exposure (big deal but I am lazy now and greedy when it comes to shoot first talk later)?
      5) Can it do time-lapse? 
      6) Is there a silent mode?
      I am over 70 years old.  The tripod takes care of my shaky hands.  I need auto focus to take care of my eyes.  And burst mode is a necessity to capture facial expressions while I am speaking with the subject.  Auto HDR  7BKT 1 raw is the only way to shoot.
      I hope I have all yes replies and my children will just have to live with less inheritance.  Sorry kids.
      OK, I didn't like the glass iPhone X, I love the softness of Leica Glass... for portraits. 
    • By FLSTF
      I'm new to the m9 and have a problem with Bracketing.
      I have a setup of 3/0/+/-/2 EV, which I thought would give me 3 pictures. However. the camera only shoot 1 picture.
      Somebody told me that the camera does all the mixing and processing automatically. This could not be correct as I certainly would like to be part of that process myself. Or?
      Any adwise as to what I'm missing or doing wrong will be appreciated.
    • By jmahto
      I will be frank. I have never used the exposure bracketing. I always expose for the highlight and lift shadows. Although you get noise in the shadows, it is quick and painless. Most of the times the shadow noise doesn't even show up in print. However, I recently tried combining multiple exposure bracketed shots for HDR and got good results. I also found that "auto" bracketing is very useful. It rattles off multiple exposures by the single shutter press. Now it is one of my user preference.
      I was wondering whether anyone uses this routinely.
      (Posting in M240 since HDR is very much sensor capability related).
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