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Best reason to purchase the Leica T

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Guest badbob

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I have had Sony products since the 70s. I can't say that I have ever had a problem with any of them.


Have never had anything but a Sony TV, had Sony tape recorders, a clock radio, normal radios. Never a problem.


Haven't ever had a Vaio for an obvious reason.


My Apple products have been similarly good company.


Our full-size Sony TV's have always lasted 10 or more years - no complaints. We had Sony reel-reel tape recorders once - also good. One small Sony recorder, the WMD6C - I had 2 of those - both very good. The Sony digital recorder (TCD-D3?) was very good, although both $100 batteries I bought wouldn't take more than 50 charges, then died. I bought a Sony handheld "scanner" for $400 in 1988 - failed after 3 months. My wife and I bought 2 very small radios that were fairly advanced in features, circa 1993 - both failed within 2 months. I bought several of their $80 earbud/folding/headband headphones from circa 1990 to 1993 - all failed within a couple of months.


And I could go on with Sony alone -- bottom line is the department or division that was making handheld and small portable products was playing cheap, even to the rechargeable batteries.


I could tell about HP and their bad -- the "Portable Plus", i.e. second-generation laptop computer that came out in 1985 - we sold one to Steve Martin for script editing. It failed, as did mine, my boss's, and the store demo. I found out from an internal source of mine that the bean counters at HP specified tin contacts on a low-voltage board instead of gold plating, and all the boards failed. We were unable to get any of those fixed for 3 months while HP lied and lied, saying they couldn't find the problem.... How do we tell that to a comic who's embarking on a scriptwriting career? We paid out of pocket.

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…and my Sony cassette-corder still comes in handy for interviews if I don't want to do shorthand. I've been using it today.


But no, this has very little to do with the Leica T and why one would want to buy one.


If greater reliability compared with other brands is seen as one reason, I think that's unlikely in the digital age.


Design and style are the standout features of the T. I prefer the ergonomics of M Leicas because I am used to them and I like analog controls, but I still think the T looks very sleek and classy.

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I bought the Leica T for my wife, with a thought that I would be able to get access to the camera. No way, the T was taken over by my wife completely. It lives permanently in her purse.:-)

But I am happy, my old Contax T2 returned back to me.

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