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Leica T Firmware Questions

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Admins, please move if in the wrong place, or replicated somewhere:


I had a quick run with the T at the new Leica Shop in Zurich, and I had some questions regarding that some here might be able to answer. The camera had a beta firmware on it, still a little patchy, Wifi transfer didn't work, etc. However, it left me with some basic user questions:


1. Can the back screen be turned off, period, not just when holding the camera up to eye level? It wasn't possible with T I played with.

2. I didn't see, or find a menu with M or R profiles. Are there any plans for it?

3. Focussing with the Nocti and 75 Lux I brought to play was very difficult, focus peaking? I was just wondering if anyone else had issues, and yes, I'm pretty good at nailing focus on the M. Far from perfect, but it's not just luck either.


Maybe others have other questions regarding firmware, or usability of the camera that can be added.

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Regarding #3 there is no focus peaking since the T team felt they could not make it work to their standards. However, the beta users report exceptional results using manual focus and the magnifier, nailing the focus quickly.

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