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tulips in heraldic redwhite


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Our city is going to celebrate its 800 years anniversary. Everywhere in the city in public greenery there can be seen these colors of our city. The Botanical Garden is paying its respect unfolding its magnificence in tulip arrangement.

On this rainy saturday there were very few visitors and so I enjoyed, cameras in plastic bags, on on tripod, the other one handheld.


Wo can tell the difference of sensor size, the lenses are the real treasures.





Olympus OMD EM5 with Elmarit R 60 mm macro, handheld






Canon 5 MKII with Elmarit R 180 mm, tripod

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Both have stunning colors and incredible sharpness. Excellent results from each with the second having a longer focal length lens (the depth-of-field is shallower) but the resolution of each seems remarkable.



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many thanks for looking into the matter of this little demonstration. It is always a pleasure reading your lines. to compare these fl it is always surprising to sse different results of the same motif.



many thanks. It is appreciated very much.



thank you so much. I like the OM very much because it is offering a fantastic sensor sensor based stabilisation which I need when shooting R lenses. The crop factor is working very well with telelenses.



thanks that you enjoyed a "Wow-factor" - After sending these pictures to my friends they went immediately there and took the reality show directly in spite of the rain.

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