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Leica T/TL/TL2 - the Image thread

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Very nice. I like the slight off-focus away from the face. What lens and aperture did you use?

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A few pictures posted here:



One of them:

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

Getting in the mood for July 4: I took Leica Mayfair's loan camera for a tourist spin around the sights of Washington DC. More on Macfilos here.

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...and 4 more - taken just after GER 1 - USA NIL;)


#1,2 with Summarit 2,5/75 and #3,4 with 2/35 cron.


regards, Holger









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Beautiful images! Are you enjoying that 75mm Summarit?

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Beautiful images! Are you enjoying that 75mm Summarit?


Thanks - certainly, I do. Have liked it and will continue doing so with the M9, and in combination with the T it offers the possibility of selective focus and nice bokeh, something that does not work with the 18-56 zoom.


After only a couple of first shots my initial summary is that the M-lenses work well with the T, they feel "appropriate". Manual focus is not really a challenge, and using the magnifier with the left dial became intuitive after the 10th shot. Electronic support such as focus peaking would be helpful for the next firmware update, especially when working wide-open.





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Both with Vario-Elmar lens. The 2nd one is ISO3200




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Finally got a replaced T on thursday .... all these are from Bolsover Castle yesterday .....very low over cast cloud that made the outside shots look like studio work...... thanks to Mo and Jess for being very patient subjects for a group of ham-fisted old farts with cameras ....


Thanks for looking .....



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Nice set!


thanks ..... there's a pile more I have to sort through ..... most with the M+50/apo ...... the T produces excellent outdoor files that need little PP .... the M+50 Apo indoors is in a different league though .....but they make a nice complementary pair of cameras (as does the XV) .... one for quick AF shots .... and the other for more considered and precise images .....


this T has a much more responsive touchscreen and none of the 'dial gremlins' that afflicted the previous one....

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    • By nicci78
      After lots of discussion about future of APS-C. How many of you think that the real reason for CL/TL being held back is the lack of native lenses ? 
      A little history :
      - 2014 : T was released with two lenses : 18-56mm f/3.5-5.6 & 23mm f/2.0
      - 2015 : Then two more with 11-23mm f/3.5-4.5 & 55-135mm f/3.5-4.5
      - 2016 : Leica release the only two made in Germany TL lenses : 35mm f/1.4 & macro 60mm f/2.8
      - 2017 : CL was released with 18mm f/2.8 pancake lens  
      Leica were on a good track, 1 or 2 TL lenses per year. But after 2017 ? Nothing happened at all ! 
      We should have 10 to 14 lenses by now. Not 7. 
      Only 1 fast lens. Only a trinity of slow zoom lenses. Only 2 compact prime lenses.
      None of them have OIS. None of the bodies have IBIS. 
      No portrait lens, aka equivalent to fast 85/90mm or 70-200mm f/2.8. 
      No fast wide angle. ex : equivalent to fast 18/21mm. 
      These lens cannot be replaced with any adapted M and R lenses. 
      So what’s the problem here ? Leica may think that APS-C line do not sell well enough. So they stop releasing new lenses  ? It is a kind a vicious cercle. But  no new lens = death of the system. 
      Just like they left the S line died by releasing only bare minimum body upgrade and no new lenses for half a decade. 
      So what do you think about this situation ? 
    • By kodachrome
      Do L-Mount lens from Sigma or Panasonic work with the original T (typ 701) ?

      I use the camera as a backup to my CL with the variety of TL lenses or adapted lenses. I might be looking into a Panasonic for high res-images. The Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 is a favored lens I'm looking at, but there are others I might look at.
    • By wingedb11
      Don‘t know how others fell. But just saw that there is a new Firmware for the CL but nothing for the TL2 and this since a while. Communications turn primarily around CL. Is the T-series dead?
    • By plasticman
      Mike Johnston at TheOnlinePhotographer blog has been musing about the perfect 'simple' digital camera again, and I can't help thinking that a Leica T(L/2) fits his description perfectly - if only he (and his readers) knew it.
      He acknowledges that Leica is the only camera company embracing photographic simplicity, but the spectre of Leica prices keeps coming back - both in the blog posts and the comments - and the only cameras they seem to acknowledge are the M-series.
      To me, the menu system in the Leica T is the most intuitive and minimal interface that's possible in an advanced digital camera - especially the way that each user can choose their own subset of visible menu items: I have only 4 items in that menu, and regularly only use one of them (the metering type).
      Nowadays the T can be bought for less than a Fuji XE3. You can even pair it with an adapter for non-Leica manual lenses (ie: Olympus OM). Couldn't be simpler or cheaper.
      Incidentally, one of the points being missed in a lot of the comments on TOP's site is the scenario where the user changes a setting on a camera unintentionally. A lot of the commenters say it's easy to just ignore menus and settings they don't understand. But this was one of the problems I persistently had with my X100 - I'd pick it up after a long hiatus and somehow an exposure or other setting had been inadvertently changed, and it would first take me a while to notice, and then usually a long time to fix (hunting through tens of menus). And I'm an app developer, so used to device complexity.
      The T has solved all those problems perfectly.
    • By Carothersbs
      anyone get a chance to play around with one of these yet?
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