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Leica T/TL/TL2 - the Image thread

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A few shots after having had the camera for three weeks now. Extremely impressed with how sharp the Summicron f/2 is even wide open.


London + Stockholm, some PP in Lightroom on all of these:









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Well, somehow my sad case of Leicaitis has returned, I now own a T, complete with Viso, and M-T adaptor. Why? Can't tell you, but what I see I like.

Better than the X-Vario? Nope, not with my current lens line-up anyway, I find I am missing auto-focus. More so with fllghty 4 year old subjects.

OK, I can hear you all, go buy a T lens. Might do that, but right now it's the 50mm and 28mm Leica M lenses and nothing else.

Taken this afternoon, used the 28mm Elmarit, and shot as a B&W JPEG within the camera. Slight, but minimal, LR processing.

I need to practise more, like Jono suggested.


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Not your usual run-of-the-mill T shots, and unlikely to gain any further traction with me either, just too hard. I wrote an essay the day the forum changed, posted a couple of shots, comparing the T and my humble/old Fuji X-E1, for casual astro use.

Unfortunately, (or possibly fortunately), the post got lost in the transition, and I cannot be bothered typing it all out again.


However, tonight it is crisp and clear, and while certainly cold, I felt I wanted to try again. Initially I was only looking to muck about with the X-E1, and more to just have some fun. I took a couple of shots of a bright globular cluster, NGC5139, commonly known as "Omega Centaurus" which as I type is all but overhead. I used an old home-built 10" f5 newtonion reflector, in a tube I made from carbon fiber ages ago. It's ugly, but very functional, and the optics are exceptional.


With the X-E1, I shot for 30 seconds at ISO800, and was stunned by the amount of detail. I knew then I had to go get the T, despite the lack of "connectivity". With the X-E1, I have a programmable remote, and the camera will do "bulb" easily, I often shoot 5 or even 10 minute exposures.


No such luxury with the T unfortunately. No "bulb" to start with, but no remote, either. I cannot use the T app, I have an aged iPad (IOS5), and while my phone is smarter than me, it is Android based, so the app isn't available. I tried my wife's iPhone (with IOS7) and the app installed, but well away from wifi, I couldn't make the two talk to each other so gave up.


With the T I simply used the self timer (12 seconds), and used the longest shutter speed available, 30 seconds. I tried ISO1600, and then ISO3200. Both were OK, certainly on the LCD, so I was chuffed.


I then slewed across a bit and went to NGC3372, the Eta Carina Nebula. This, along with Omega Cent, is quite bright, so not a hard object to image, but given the limitation of 30 seconds max I was happy when I saw the image on the LCD.


Both taken at ISO3200, both 30 second shots, single frames. It is a well established practice to take a quantity of images and "stack" them, with the appropriate software. This reduces the signal to noise ratio and usually gives a cleaner image. In my case, all I was after was "pretty pictures", so one single of each was all I did. They were shot as DNG of course, but also JPEG, not a lot in it between them. CS6 tweaks and downsizing for the forum.




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