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    • By wingedb11
      Don‘t know how others fell. But just saw that there is a new Firmware for the CL but nothing for the TL2 and this since a while. Communications turn primarily around CL. Is the T-series dead?
    • By plasticman
      Mike Johnston at TheOnlinePhotographer blog has been musing about the perfect 'simple' digital camera again, and I can't help thinking that a Leica T(L/2) fits his description perfectly - if only he (and his readers) knew it.
      He acknowledges that Leica is the only camera company embracing photographic simplicity, but the spectre of Leica prices keeps coming back - both in the blog posts and the comments - and the only cameras they seem to acknowledge are the M-series.
      To me, the menu system in the Leica T is the most intuitive and minimal interface that's possible in an advanced digital camera - especially the way that each user can choose their own subset of visible menu items: I have only 4 items in that menu, and regularly only use one of them (the metering type).
      Nowadays the T can be bought for less than a Fuji XE3. You can even pair it with an adapter for non-Leica manual lenses (ie: Olympus OM). Couldn't be simpler or cheaper.
      Incidentally, one of the points being missed in a lot of the comments on TOP's site is the scenario where the user changes a setting on a camera unintentionally. A lot of the commenters say it's easy to just ignore menus and settings they don't understand. But this was one of the problems I persistently had with my X100 - I'd pick it up after a long hiatus and somehow an exposure or other setting had been inadvertently changed, and it would first take me a while to notice, and then usually a long time to fix (hunting through tens of menus). And I'm an app developer, so used to device complexity.
      The T has solved all those problems perfectly.
    • By Carothersbs
      anyone get a chance to play around with one of these yet?
    • By Carothersbs
      Hello I currently have a Leica TL2 using a adaptor for a M mount lens .
       I want to get a auto focus lens that will work with the TL2,  I just don’t want to spend 1,500.00+  At the moment.
       Do I have any options ?
    • By plasticman
      Because the Leica T M-adapter is an order item in Stockholm, I can’t try one before buying. I like the T, but not being certain of focus in low-light situations is occasionally irritating. And the Novoflex doesn’t have focus-zoom assistance.
      If you have the Leica M-adapter, how do you use it? Is it possible to zoom in, check focus, then zoom out again to compose your image? How’s the zoomed image? Sharp and detailed, or noisy and blurred? 
      What options are available for the dials in manual mode? Right now, the left-hand dial is wasted on f-stop (which is disabled with M-lenses attached, of course). Does the Leica adapter free the dial for something useful?
      In general, is it much more useful than the third-party adapters? Does the camera-system adapt to it intelligently, or is it a missed opportunity?
      PS: I saw Jono Slack’s review of the T, where he dismisses the adapter as less than useful. I wonder if firmware updates or other factors have given anyone another perspective?
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