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nature is changing every day and only weekends are free for new discoveries. This time our trip lead us to explore our neighbourhood landscape.


Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit R 28 mm, polarizer, ND graded filter. I found this combination is ideal and provides more contrast and helps controlling the bright sky and easier exposure on the landscape.









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thank you very much for your nice comment. You are right about the harsh light in spring. There is abundant light in the air but not all of this light is helpful but harmful. Therefor I use filters which are meant to control exposure and pp.



thank you so much for your support with a nice comment.



good, that you are inspired hearing the sound of classical music. This is interesting because my leisure time is divided classical music and photography. If you practice music you are constantly under its influence. This is a continuous process. In this sense your response is remarkable. Thanks.

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many thanks, I am deligthed that you like the pictures, specially no3.



thank you for your time and dedication



your response is interesting. The "freshness" was there in the air. If you can smell it, I am happy that my picures are working. Thanks a lot.


Everybody, clicking the button is appreciated very much, thank you all

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