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what are the reasons we shoot film today?

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Thanks Adam for your last links

Very interesting 



another link  but same reasons

Ah Fuji Velvia slide




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I liked his slide film blog linked from that one a lot more, I really love slide film because it does all the hard work post click for me and I get a little piece of something physical I can hold up to the light and look at. If its provia 100f it also looks as close to how I remember the scene looking from any capture medium I have tried yet. 

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1. Dynamic range.

2. Highlights. Oh those lovely looking highlights. Bright highlights and sunlight in the sky looks plasticky on my M240 compared to Portra or any other type of film.

3. Ilford HP5+. I absolutely love the look of HP5+ 400 in combination with a yellow filter metered to 400 ASA on my MP. The images are perfect out of the scanner, with that lovely lovely grain.

4. Delta 3200 @ 3200. Yes it's contrasty and grainy as hell, but at least there's no banding and streaking like I have on my M240 at ISO 3200!

5. The process of dealing with physical material. It's so enjoyable, and so satisfying, compared to dealing with memory cards.

6. Shooting a lot less pictures. A lot more keepers and interesting results as a direct result from shooting less.


And much, much more... 

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