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23. Barnack Challenge Picture Thread

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Be welcome to upload your picture in this thread.

It will be open from today's Friday, 02-14th to Thursday, 02-27th 2014

I am really looking forward to see the results


Bitte ladet euer Bild in diesem Faden hoch,

er ist hierfür geöffnet vom heutigen Freitag, dem 14.02 bis zum Donnerstag, dem 27.02.2014

Ich freue mich sehr auf die Ergebnisse

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The temperature was 40+ deg.C outside when I shot this. You can guess how long it lasted!

A Long Cold Beer



Edit: Camera: 111f; Lens: Canon Serenar 85/1.9; Film: Portra 160.

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Goose Bay -35°C, windy.

But -as the car- my IIIf need it warm to work.

After one or two fast shoots she wants back into the jacket pocket

Summitar 2/5cm, Kodak BW400CN

Kind reagrds


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Pfützenwinter. Allgemein nicht wirklich schön. Manchmal aber auch ganz cool...

IIIf, Summitar, Kodak BW 400 in Cafenol gebadet




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Maximum Kälte in Frankfurt am Main.


Immerhin sitzt niemand mehr so einfach draussen rum …

Das ist doch schon mal was.



Leica Standard, Elmar 3.5/35, Kodak Trix400




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"..., so he decided to give him a wide berth."



borrowed Leica I, borrowed Ilford, my original eyes





thanx, Horst

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… and here is my contribution:

Frozen Dreams


made by Leica IIIf with 2.0/ 5cm and NOOKY,

f 8.0, 1/2 sec., Berlebach-Tripod,

Agfa APX 100 and a little LED-Lamp,

Film developped by Krust & Peters, Frankfurt/Main

scanned by Nikon SC 9000 ED

further participants:

a Grappa-Glas, some Water,

a Kodakcolor-film, a Freezer,

a cover of a Leica-Film-Box

and some time to let the fluid water's state of aggregation change into ice …

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finally my contribution:




...Leica 1 in our freezeer





taken with Leica IIIf, Summaron 35mm 2,8 and some expired drugstore color neg ative film

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