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IUFOO Lens Hood fit onto a SOOGZ?

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Another question!


I have an Elmar f4 90mm lens. It is A36 . I have a Soogz which converts this to E39. I want to use a lens hood and wonder whether the IUFOO will affix to the SOOGZ?


Is the IUFOO also known as 12575?


I have a lens hood from Heavy Star a 39mm thread which fits the Soogz but I have trouble as it partially blocks the rangefinder despite vents.


Can anyone throw any light on this and what I should do?



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Hi John,


Yes, the IUFOO was the earlier version of the 12575. Both of these lens hoods were designed for M3-era lenses and the M3 rangefinder did not get blocked (nor the M2, M4. M5 etc...). Both hoods will clamp onto the SOOGZ.


I understand you have a IIIf - its rangefinder is positioned lower on the body than the one of the M series cameras and the above hoods will intrude, particularly at shorter distances, when the lens is extened further.


The correct hood for your IIIf / Elmar 90 combination would be the extendable FIKUS. It will fit over A36 filters, it clamps on their front, just like the filter clamps onto the lens. And the FIKUS, being extendable, can be extended 'just right' so that it does not intrude into the rangefinder path.





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Thanks again Jan. 1 Question . Will the Fikus fit if the F4 Elmar 90 has the SOOGZ (for e39 filters) attached?


I don't think so as it is a36 I think? If that is correct (and I persist with the SOOGZ) I am left with either the IUFOO/12575 or vented Heavy Star Lens Hood, all of which block the rangefinder



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