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I havent tried this with both RAW and JPEG saved, but there is the option to choose which files to import and if you list the files by type, you can then import the ones you want and ignore the others. Does that help? Alternatively, copy the files to different locations on your hard disc first before importing.



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I imported photos from a D-lux 3, by just telling Lightroom to import.... It imported only the RAW files -- which is exactly what I wanted. The files were all on a DVD, and I specified that that is where they should stay. This means that I can browse the library of pictures, but only open them when the DVD is mounted.

It will however let me do slideshows, without mounting, but printing requires the DVD mounted.


The reason I have tried this is to manage my storage better, and not clog up my drives with files I probably don't need all the time.

Now I'm worried in case the DVD gets corrupted…………


I'm running a Mac OS X 4.9 and I'm still evolving a workflow to get RAW files to jpeg in iPhoto so that my wife can use some of the pictures. D-lux 3 RAW is not supported by OS X at the moment - hence the evolution.

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