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Hello! I´m new at this forum

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Hello Natalia & Hamad,


Welcome to the Forum. Both.




Is it posible to see some other photos of this camera without the case? Also, from various sides & top & bottom?


Best Regards,



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Looks like a retro Leica or Zenith the Russian camera

Looks to be a Model A or B 'hockey stick' Leica body with a fixed 50mm f/3.5 Leitz Elmar lens but without more pictures it's hard to be certain.


Mods: would you very kindly relocate this thread to the Leica Collectors and Historica sub forum where it'll be seen by those with particular expertise please?




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Hi, looks like genuine IA, early, four digit SN. Low profile wind button, smaller font on Elmar ring, 50mm. However technical status very questionable, missing screws on lens flange, rewind button seem to be bent. Leather case from model III.

More photos desirable.

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Advertisement (gone after registration)

Not in too good shape, but probably genuine. In that case worth putting in working order.

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Me too think it's an original Leica I... not rare but in a version that neither is common (and not a typical Leica to fake) ; an item of great historical importance, which is very close to its 90th birthday...

; surely worths to be cleaned and lubricated, with care.

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What about provenance? There could be an interesting story there.

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