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35mm Summilux FLE Focus Ring Stuck Then Unstuck

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A couple weeks ago, the focus ring on my 35 Lux got stuck and some distance that was not infinity. I don't mean it was a little sticky. I mean it was stuck. I applied a little bit of force, and it came unstuck and has been functioning normally ever since. Any idea what caused it to get stuck or if it's something that should concern me if it's working fine now?

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If you send it to me I will take it apart and report back.

It might be that some dirt like a grain of sand got into the exposed part of the focusing thread at the back.

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You could check the tightness of the screws holding the bayonet flange on. An un-centered flange is the frequent cause of notchy focusing, and easy to rectify by undoing all the screws then tightening them again slowly and in a opposite to opposite routine like doing the head bolts up on a car engine. If your flange was loose enough to move, maybe it shifted when you mounted it, or it rotated a tiny fraction when you went to close focus etc. it could cause the lens to lock. Forcing it would re-center it again.



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That may well be. I have checked all my lenses and found that the screws varied from gorilla-tight to loose. In the end I tightened them all myself to 30 Ncm. One might think Leica could afford a torque-wrench...

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I guess the next thing is to check the focus is still correct. Is it possible for the focus scale or rangefinder coupling to become out of sync with the actual focus mechanism? Most of my lenses are bought USED so someone else has already done the testing for me. I'd never have thought to check the screws at the bottom.


Oh I did have a 50 sum micron that undid too far. I imediately tighten it back and didn't try turning anything further than indicated ever again. I'm sure the focus was still fine or I'd have noticed it in the images/film.


It almost makes sense to leave a lens on the camera and never change it as they are so expensive. Just buy another camera if you need a different focal length. Well that's one option to avoid sand in your threads. Many Leica owners seem to do this already, on film Ms anyway.


Regards, Lincoln

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