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Summilux 75/1,4 review

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Thank you for your appreciation. For the English translation I could not help but to rely on a translator who is online, so I think the best thing is that one asks to translate with google translator, partly because I do not know how to lay out a double text. Thank you again.

Gabriele Caproni photographer

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I like your reviews. The way you lay out the MTF chart with images is great and I've not seen that done that way before.


The Summilux 75 is one of my favourite ever lenses. I was one of the people you mentioned who had a soft one. I sent it in and it turns out something was broken on it. Since it was made in the 80's, that's not surprising. It came back an entirely new lens. I would urge anyone who has a soft copy to have it looked at the slither thin depth of field, even when stopped down makes such problems a lot more evident. This is one stellar lens when in peak condition.


I agree with your findings - This lens sings at 2.8, a nice balance of background blur and sharpness. At f8 I don't believe I own another lens that is as sharp, including my Medium Format lenses. It really is eye popping. Diffraction starts to kick in at f11 and is noticeable on fine detail like eye lashes but really perfectly acceptable and the overall sharpness over rides it. Then the beauty of it is at 1.4 it's so wonderfully impressionistic and completely unique. Wonderful wonderful lens and I am glad I have one. Certainly earns it's keep as one of Leica's best lenses.


The price of these things is remarkable. I bought it for £2K two years ago and now it is almost doubled in value and I expect camera's such as the Sony a7/r is only going to make it better in that regard.


Thanks for the review

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