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Tilt-A-Whirl, Summer 1971

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M4, 35mm Summicron, Please check your safety belt. ;-)

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Thanks, all. Melissah, just the one frame, which I think was typical for student photographers back then. I remember with Kodak factory fresh b&w, the cost was several cents per frame, but with bulk self-loaded film,the cost was just a couple cents per frame, and we typically used college darkrooms (dunk tanks) for the free film developer, unless we could splurge on some liquid Edwal FG7. Budget photography, but with good cameras. Good times. There was an independent b&w lab in manhattan that specialized in 16mm reversal bw film. All the arty indy guys used that lab.The guy at the counter was very lenient toward art students, and would willingly attach our 16mm stock to the tail end of paying customer's film. No charge, ever! Again, good times!



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i just posted in Bens thread that i dont want to shoot film! ugh the processing!

but then i look at your stuff from the vintage series and im reminded of the fun of film.

in the 90s when i lived in nyc, i would shoot and then at night before the poker game drop off. because my lab was open til midnight i could pick up late. i loved that.

by the time midnight rolled around i was certain that the best photo ever taken was in that batch.


ofcourse this is color im speaking of, and mostly for work so it was paid for. my labs fees were absurd.

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