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M8raw2dng - Tool to convert Leica M8 RAW files to DNG

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Which longest times can be used in "JPG Fine + RAW"-mode, until one will notice on the display an image number as "L1039237.BIA", but no image will be seen?

How do you open a ".BIA" file?
Last night this error occurred at times longer than 1/12 second.
Today when trying to repeat this error, it startet at times of 1/4 second or longer.
In both cases the battery was about half full.

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The ".BIA" file is a measurement made by the camera and used for noise reduction. If you want to see it, rename it as a ".RAW" file so that M8RAW2DNG processes it into a DNG. It is a "Dark Frame" exposure that the camera uses for a non-uniformity correction. For most purposes, it just slows down write time for raw mode as M8RAW2DNG has a separate "-SD" switch for non-uniformity correction. Arvid did an incredible job with NUC when you use "-SD" to generate the correction and '-s' to apply it.



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Dear all,


I'm just start to use it and try to follow this topic guide in the website, I'm used 3-4 days for learn and try to apply on my M8 files,

Now My M8 had the problem about the 2 vertical lines in every ISO at 2661,196 2661,2623 and more one lines is 3464,667 3464,2620.

and now after I follow the "Tool + Droplet installation" and completed droplet RAW+JPD action and show new DNG file already.


and now I want to fix the thing in this list :
1. need output files in 14 bit
2. fix the 2 lines vertical
3. darkfield correction.


Please you show me the command I must to type in line set Params?

Thank you so much

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I can't open the DNG file from converted RAW in CaptureOne 8. I use windows 7 64 bit. Anyone could help?




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