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a flock of sheep


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last weekend we had a warm day with temperatures of late summer. Colors were promising and so we decided for a forest walk. On a hill top there was a golden atmosphere and we found a flock of sheep there.


My Elmarit R lens 180 mm so came out of the bag and was mounted, as always, on my Canon 5D MKII.











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Sheep are actually much maligned, many people tend assume that they are stupid though in fact they merely have a different agenda to our own!

These are really beautiful portraits of some very decorative animals, great colours, textures and ethereal light.

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thanks or your selection. Yes the soft creature in blissful light. I have the dark fellow as desktop screen.



thanks for taking time and commenting. when we watched them it took a long time for them to approach nearer but we were scanned all the time.



many thanks for your detailed comment. Yes, they seemed to enjoy the gorgeous warm light also. But they were shy and always kept an eye on us.



I am happy you like the series and your comment will support me in my next shooting. I am very happy that I did let this lens being restored at Solms a few months ago. Its performance is very good now.


thanks, folks for clicking the button

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I missed these earlier. What a terrific setting with gorgeous light and fluffy beautiful subjects! I can only imagine the sweaters that can be made out of all that wool...

Your use of the light is just perfect to show the scene in its best glow.



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