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    • By Dennis
      Hello everyone,

      I decided to get very soon a 21mm, plus a VF (probably the CV 21/25). I want a brand new lens, not used. I'm ready and excited to explore this FL on my M10... Because I don't need speed, my primary choice it's the Color Skopar f/3.5. I know it's a great lens, small and light as I prefer, affordable, and it would fulfill my needs and pleasure to shoot at f/4 and f.8.

      Now, said that I have to confess you something. The most inspiring M lens I always wanted to buy since my first Leica year, it's not a 35 APO. Or a Noctilux, or any summilux. It's actually an Elmar, a super one... The one and only 21 SEM. Yes! In my very short Leica/rangefinder experience, I think I understood that the 21/SEM is one of the finest lenses of the brand. It's super sharp, corner to corner, an extraordinary glass with almost no lacks or competition in its focal length (when speed is not needed). And it always attracted me a lot. It makes sense to have only one lens as a reference for that specific FL. Am I right? I can have five, six 35mm lenses, but in my mind, it makes sense to have just one 21. Is this a lens that makes almost everyone happy?
      I'm still "scared" it's not necessary that much, because I'm sure I will be fine too with the Color-Skopar, you know what I mean? Nowadays, the brand new lenses are modern and great. I love the 2.8/35 ZM IQ and rendering, as my CV 35/1.4 II MC. They are different tools for other purposes. But If I love the Nokton Classic, do I should love the Color Skopar anyway? 🤣 Just kidding. I mean, I'm totally ok with a 90% sharp lens instead of the best one. And I know too that I would appreciate in the SEM, the lens hood shape (which I adore), the focus tab, the 6-bit coded, etc etc.
      In your experience, or from what you have heard, what do you think are the differences between the two 21? Does it (super) worth the upgrade? Any feedback it's very appreciated.
      In constant M-evolution, Have a great Sunday.
    • By Roger Vorbeck
      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden! Hello fellow Leica users,
      Long story short, I've been a film Leica M shooter for a while now (M2), and I've been considering buying my first digital M. Since they are not even close as repairable as fully mechanical analog M's, I really don't want to spend that much money on a digital one. 
      So I came across a lady willing to sell me her M9 for a "bargain" (something like U$250), but as you guys can tell from the picture above, it comes with the dreaded corroded sensor. 
      I'm no professional and I want one of these to try them out, since I've never truly used one.
      My question is: how's the situation of this one in particular, can it be used in anyway in this condition? Is it worth it for the price? And finally, is the 1000U$ dollars repair worth in my situation? 

      I'll be very happy with any contributions.
      Best Regards,
    • By Al Brown
      This awesome 21mm lens with f/1.4 f-stop totally deserves its own thread.

      The popularity of fast wide M lenses among Leica photographers seems to drop as soon as one drifts away from the optical viewfinder lines of the eternal 28mm / 35mm / 50mm trinity. Leica even went as far as to discontinue its entire 24mm M line of lenses at some point in 2020, including the precious Summilux 24.
      Yet for reportage, conventions, events, concerts, wedding receptions and people photography, a fast wide angle is usually priceless. What the Summilux 21 f/1.4 offers over other slower (f/1.8 to f/3.4) lenses from the 21mm scuderia (there are not many for the M, although Voigtlander and TTArtisan offer direct competition with same or very similar f-stop) is the incredible separation of the subject from the background, an amazing feature for a wide angle lens. The 21 lux is of course a Karbe masterpiece, Erwin Puts even said in one of his articles that "If you compare the 1.4/21 with the 0.95/50mm you see comparable quality."

      Please post your images and share your experience with the 21 lux - everything from series VIII/8 filters and other adapted filter solutions to your experience with this light beast in the field and on assignments, preferrably wide open. This is NOT a SEM thread, but a comparison between the two is OK.
    • By gwpics
      Because of the covid-19 lockdown I am unable to go out on to the streets to photograph, not that there are any people around. I am therefore still working through my archives, and came across this image from Paris in 2002. Taken with a Leica M6, 50mm Summicron f2 and using Kodak T400CN film (which I used to love!). I hope you like it.
      I have also been revamping my web site using Adobe Portfolio, which is part of the Lightroom/Photoshop package, and like the results so far, although it is a work in progress. Take a look here

      Hello guest! Please register or sign in to view the hidden content. Hallo Gast! Du willst die Bilder sehen? Einfach registrieren oder anmelden!
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