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mushrooms are there in numbers and manifold varieties. One has to step carefully not to smash them while ploughing with a heavy bag and tripod through the forest paths.


Canon 5D MKII with Elmarit macro 60mm + Leica APO2x converter.



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thanks for looking at the dwarves and giving your support.



thanks for studying these fellows. I do not know anything about mushrooms, so I keep off my fingers of any kind but I watch people collecting and listen to their stories how delicious some of them are.



you are right about LBM. If you don't mind I'll adopt this trm ecause it is exactly what I thought. Thanks.



thanks a lot for your support. These shots were longtime exposures. Usually I chose f-stop 8 to get everything sharp and then shutterspeed does not matter because I use a tripod. but light matters, therefore I used a small reflector to fill the shadows.

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thanks for your comment. It is not easy to get them sharp and you have to get deep down with your tripod. I have one where the middle extension can be pushed into the horizontal line. One picture takes a lot of time before it is in the box. So do not worry about yours.



thanks for your ni comment. I suppose they are not very digestable. There are many people in the forest now to collect and consume them. So, the conclusion is you may be right about their toxic nature.


Everybody who clicked the button, many thanks

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