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New member, first Leica.

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This is my first post here..


UPS just dropped a Leica IIIc in my lap today

I already got a Summitar 2/50 a couple days ago. The camera works fine, just a bit stiff and the slow speeds seems a bit, well, slow.. The ghost image in the viewfinder is barely visible. It needs a CLA, but what a great camera! Weighs a ton for it's small size!


I live in Sarasota Florida; used to work as a photographer for a daily newspaper in the late 80s. I never caught the digital bug and abandoned photography all together when those new electronic toys invaded.. Recently decided to get back to it, and of course with film, and my first Leica.



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Congrats on the new Leica and getting back into photography....especially film photography and a fully manual camera nonetheless! Isn't great when the photography gods drop a camera in your lap? What were you using when you were shooting for the newspaper back in the 80's?


I'm new here too having just got my first Leica M camera, an M5. I'm amazed by the initial results I've gotten, so I'm just going to look to master the camera and improve composition. Having used film and digital SLR's for years, shooting a rangefinder and working the aperture /shutter speed combinations manually (at least the M5 has a built in light meter....I've got to draw the line somewhere!) forces you to slow down and really think before you shoot.


I got bored pretty quickly shooting a dSLR for a few years. Yes, you get great results and the cameras have all the bells and whistles you need, and more, to shoot in practically any situation you find yourself in. However, I just started to lose interest in it and wondered what the hell am I doing this for. Go out, shoot, come home, pop the SD card in the computer, find the best shot, edit, post to Flickr or Facebook, done. I so needed to shoot film again and I couldn't think of a better camera than a Leica M to do it with.


Happy shooting!

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You might like to add your info to this thread too http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-forum/leica-collectors-historica/13842-ltm-users-its-time-stand-up.html


Sounds like your lllc could do with a CLA, that will certainly fix the 'stiffness' and slow speeds. The rangefinder should improve with a clean too, but if the double image is really faint it could require re-silvering. In the meantime try giving the viewfinder lenses a good clean, and make sure you aren't accidentally blocking the rangefinder window with a stray finger!

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    • By max.mlzr
      Hallo Freunde der analogen Fotografie,
      seit einer Weile fotografiere ich nun schon analog, erst mit einer Canon AE1 und jetzt mit einer Olympus OM1, da ich vollmechanische Kameras mehr mag, so kommt es auch, dass ich mir jetzt eine alte Leica zulegen will. Da mein Budget als Schüler begrenzt ist und ich Schraubleicas bald schöner als dass M-System finde, habe ich meine Suche auf die IIIF, IIIC und IIIG eingegrenzt, wobei die IIIG auch schon fast zu teuer ist. Dazu soll es noch ein schönes Elmar, Summitar oder sogar Summicron sein.
      Da ich Händlern generell mehr vertraue bin ich auf 2 Angebote gestoßen:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Leica IIIC mit Summitar 50mm f/2 und Beli für 500€: https://www.meister-camera.com/de/gebraucht/5297/leica-iii-c                                                                                                                                                          Leica IIIF VLW mit Elmar 50mm f/2 für 445€: https://www.leica-store-muenchen.de/de/gebraucht/15166/leica-iiif-vlw-3550mm
      Ich weiß wirklich nicht, welches Angebot ich nehmen soll, da beide Kameras ziemlich gleich sind (Der Blitzanschluss der IIIF ist mir egal).
             Die IIIC hat halt noch einen Belichtungsmesser und das bessere Objektiv für Naturlichtfotografie, jedoch, hat Sie kein Rückgaberecht, der Zustand ist schlechter (das Chrome blättert ab), sie hat                 Selbstauslöser (eigentlich ein cooles Feature, was jedoch kein Muss ist) und ich habe von vielen gehört, dass es nur selten ist, dass man ein Summitar ohne Kratzer findet, da dass Glas sehr weich           ist. Objektiv und Kamera sind beide von ca. 1949/50.
             Die IIIF hat an sich ein (licht-)schwächeres Objektiv (ist das ein großer Unterschied?), keinen Belichtungsmesser (welchen ich eigentlich nicht wirklich brauche, jedoch ist dieser ganz nett) und ist ein         Umbau (was nicht unbedingt schlecht ist?). Jedoch hat der Body einen besseren Zustand, die Kamera hat ein Rückgaberecht und ist 50€ günstiger. Der Body ist auch so von 1949/50, von dem                    Objektiv kenne ich aber Jahr, was auch bedeuten könnte, dass es keine Vergütung hat.
      Ich gehe bei beiden Kameras davon aus, dass ich sie noch justieren lassen muss, dazu will ich sie für 120€ zu  Oleg Khalyavin schicken, hat da jemand Erfahrung?
      Schon mal vielen Dank im Vorraus für eure Antworten!
    • By Baybers
      I'm looking at getting a Summitar and was wondering whether anybody can shed light on the two variants, namely the round aperture bladed version approx. pre 1950 and the later type with the hexagonal arranged aperture. Generally the latter version seems to be a little less expensive and less sought after if my observations are correct. 
      Both lenses opened at f2 there is clearly no difference in aperture shape but any smaller setting then does the hexagonal opening perhaps provide a little less appealing bokah for instance? Or perhaps there may be other discernible differences?
      Thanks in advance.   
    • By lynnb
      hot day outside a tyre centre, Sydney, summer 2016
      IIIf Summitar 5cm f/2 LTM Agfa APX100 in Rodinal
    • By Imar
      I've recently bought a Summitar in very good condition (I hope) from an Austrian Leica specialised shop. It is the ten aperture blade version instead of the six aperture blade version. Overall condition looks very good. 
      No visible scratches on the front element or back element and focus is smooth. 
      While scanning the first results I noticed that the centre of the frame has less contrast and is lighter than the outer portions of the frame. First I thought this is internal reflections or incoming light from the side. I didn't use a hood.
      But looking at more frames it also shows while the sun is coming from behind me so flare is not so likely. 
      Does anyone has an idea about what this could be?
      I’ve attached some unedited scans. The are shot with Tri X / TMax 400 @ 250, developed for 6 min. in HC-110 at 20C.
      It is not in every frame. I used the sunny 16 rule (lens only goes to 12.5 so I compensated for that). 
      Hope to find out if it is the lens, light conditions or something else. 

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