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Changing exif data in Lightroom

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You don't need to code the lens unless you specifically want the camera firmware to apply the lens corrections for the lens you code it for. To change the lens EXIF date to a CV 12mm you can use a free Lightroom Plugin called LensTagger Adding foreign Lens Info in Lightroom you will also need an application called ExifTool by Phil Harvey. Once you have imported the images (and before you make anyother changes) you can use this to change individual images or for batch changes.


Hope that's helpful.

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Hello Bob, I wonder if you or anyone else can help me with the LensTagger plug-in for Lightroom.


I have downloaded the plug-in from Dirk Essl's site and installed it using Lightroom's Plug-In Manager. I also downloaded the Exif Tool and then copied it into the same folder where the LensTagger plug-in resides (Windows 7).


Every time I try to run the command, however, I get the following error message: "Error: 1 - Failed to run the command."


I posted an inquiry on the LensTagger site but haven't received a reply, and indeed the last post is from May of this year so I'm not optimistic I'll ever receive a reply.


My guess is that I have incorrectly filled in the information in the two editable fields in the Lens Options panel. My current settings are shown in the attached image.


Could someone please let me know how to correctly supply the information required in the "exiftool" and "Edit" fileds?



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I'm sorry but I don't use Windows as I have a Mac, so I'm unsure exactly where you need to install the various files to, my Mac did it automatically.


I have attached a screen shot of my version of LensTagger and as you can see it only states exiftool without a path.





On the assumption that LensTagger can find these files from your path then this is how I proceeded next.


I filled in the details of the lens and then (with the Edit check box UNCHECKED) I pressed the Update Command button and then Save Preset. As I recall it then asks you to close the application which I did by pressing Cancel. When I reopened it the details were saved. I did this for each lens I wished to save details for.


Having selected the images in Lightroom you wish to modify, open the LensTagger preset and select the desired lens from the list. Press Load Preset, then Update Command and finally Run Command.


Go back to your selected images and use the Read Metadata from File command to change the information presented.


If you find it easier to edit the images prior to loading them in to Lightroom then the Exiftool site contains a number of GUI front ends that will allow you to do this. I used to use one of these for my Mac called ExifEditor but it doesn't work with the M maker files which is why I'm back to using the LensTagger preset.


Hope thats helpful.

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Many thanks, from one Bob to another.


In my case I discovered that I had not identified the folder location of the exiftool tool, which is an essential component of this plug-in.


If others have the same difficulty, the attached screen shot shows where to click to set the location of the exiftool executable file (which one should place inside the lenstagger plug-in folder).


Hope this helps someone, and thanks again, I genuinely appreciate all the help I've received from members of this forum.


Bob Woods

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